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  1. What do you want added in the Update Aquatic?
  2. Do you think there should be a Space Update
  3. New enchantments
  4. macOS On BedRock?
  5. 4 by 4 Door in bedrock! no slimeblock no expose redstone
  6. Are you guys upset about golden notch apple crafting recipe
  7. Minecraft multiplayer map
  8. New Survival Map! COMING SOON!
  9. Floating Water/Flying Water
  10. New Textures Beta Pack On Bedrock!
  11. MC Bedrock Mods will we get them?
  12. It Would Be Awesome If Mojang Added... To Minecraft.
  13. The Illusioner
  14. Dreams
  15. Super duper graphics pack still not out and nintendo switch stuff.
  16. Hermitcraft For PE YouTubers?
  17. Uganda Knucles Boss Addon(coming soon)
  18. Discord for Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  19. Minecraft Bedrock Server Poll
  20. Wind should be in minecraft
  21. The ultimate battle of indie games, terraria or minecraft
  22. Minecraft Community Team: Who are they?
  23. MCPE Commands
  24. Looking for players to add to my survival realm.
  25. MCBedrock Rules
  26. Your best creation
  27. MCBE 1.3 beta? 🤔
  28. What We Know
  29. How to test Minecraft beta updates.
  30. Addon
  31. What i think of the channelling enchantment
  32. What are some cool Minecraft Build Projects!
  33. Minecraft Bedrock Resource Review
  34. Where is Cubecraft and Hive?
  35. How to Add pics in mcbedrock forum[tutorial]
  36. Tornado, earchquakes?! No, it is XEvil.
  37. Slime?
  38. how to code
  39. StrawberryBuildsStuff- Cupcakes!
  40. StrawberryBuildsStuff- Cupcakes!
  41. StrawberryBuildsStuff- Candy Crazy!
  42. AzuraPlex MC: RPG Server Porduction
  43. Is A Mini Map Addon possible?
  44. Just purchased a Nintendo Switch
  45. How to Prepare for Minecraft 1.3/1.13!
  46. why dont we add more mods for inner core
  47. StrawberryBuildsStuff- Crying Cookie
  48. StrawberryBuildsStuff- You want some noodles?
  49. What should I do? -ISkyTryk
  50. StrawberryBuildsStuff- Ecko's Pig partying and eating
  51. Can anybody make me a daycare
  52. I'm looking for Minecraft Bedrock survival YouTube channels to subscribe to
  53. How To Change Your Render Distance To Whatever You Want!
  54. How to make custom beta text with addons
  55. I am looking for a new Android tablet or Windows 10 Laptop
  56. Looking For Help
  57. Seed for survival world
  58. Block and sweep on MCPE
  59. New Sounds in 1.13 Sound Like Subnautica
  60. Luvious is a New Minecraft Bedrock Team that needs your help
  61. New PC for Minecraft.
  62. Someone NEEDS to make a Thor add-on!
  63. What To Do About Tridents On Bedrock Edition?
  64. I'm looking for...
  65. Any guns mods?
  66. Ultimate PvP Pack [16x]
  67. Question on item/weapon modding
  68. Squid Farm
  69. (Help Wanted)
  70. what happened to VirtualGalaxy?
  71. player mod on realm question
  72. Ideas
  73. Texture Pack Template?
  74. The Update that Minecraft needs!!
  75. New Update Ideas
  76. Entity mod question
  77. Check out Cubecraft- I WON A GAME TOO
  78. Entity behavior modifying question
  79. The Way To fix MCPE Android Edu World Garbage Textures
  80. Do Tridents come back from the void?
  81. Can you add knockback to..
  82. Egyptian Mythology Mash-Up Pack COMING SOON!
  83. Few Questions For Boosting FPS in mcpe With My Low end device
  84. Can you make an item texture but is 3d in your hand?
  85. what skins should i add on next update of Fortnite Skinpack?
  86. The New Beginning,Welcome to AzuraPlex MC
  87. Planet Minecraft Bedrock Support?
  88. How to get Custom resource packs on Switch Bedrock
  89. Installing maps on Xbox one
  90. Any MCPE World Viewers?
  91. Purchased Content
  92. Purge Realm
  93. /bossbar Command, Customizable Superflat World, and Buffet World
  94. Need a little help (Good Bedrock Survival Players only)
  95. How to Install Custom Resource/Behavior Packs on Xbox Ones!
  96. Join Tubro Builders Build Team