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    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: The Hive Server is LIVE on 1.7 Beta Build!

    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: The Hive Server is LIVE on 1.7 Beta build!

    There has been busy bees recently. The Hive is now officially on Bedrock in the beta! Here is a preview of a post from The Hive!

    What's in the beta?
    Games! We have 3 games available for you to enjoy:

    : One of our most popular minigames, now available on Bedrock! DeathRun is a minigame with two teams: Runners and Deaths. The objective of the runners is to make it to the end of the map, avoiding any automatic and death-activated trap along the way. The objective of the deaths is to kill the runners using the various traps that the map provides to them.

    Hide and Seek:
    another staple Hive game, but with a ton of Bedrock-exclusive improvements! Fully customizable blocks, the hiders, have to hide in one of many Hide and Seek maps from the seekers. The game starts with one seeker, but every hider killed, becomes a seeker.

    Fancy! Customisable blocks!
    Treasure Wars:

    what's better than defending a bed? Defending a treasure of your choice! You start with a simple chest, but you can unlock many different types of treasures to defend. Defend your own, and aim to destroy all other treasures on the map to become the last man standing. Your treasure getting destroyed means no more respawns, so be careful...

    Catch the full article here! happy testing!

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    Exclamation Omg!

    I cant wait for it to come to the non- betas!
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