Minecraft Map Review: Abstraction Vecor

Minecrafts maps are great right? Whats better than a great map? A great map that isnt that expensive. And that is what I think this map is. Abstraction: VECTOR is a great map for its price. But is it only great for its price? Thats the main question I shall answer today.

Like the other abstraction maps, its by Jigarbov Productions and it is on the marketplace for 160 minecoins. Jigarbovs abstraction maps are always up to standard but lets see if this one is.


The gameplay on this map is... different. Like all Abstraction maps, the goal is to get all 16 types of wool/concrete power/ color and place it on certain blocks. The blocks are either near the very bottom of the world or near the top. You are risking your life trying to get them. So.... good luck!

This map also has a vast array of drops all the way down to the void so if you fall... its back to punching those trees for you!


The appearance in this map is very different. This map is like the whole terrain glitched and how all the terrain is split up into pillars and rows of blocks and you have to make use that you don't fall.


This map is a great map for survival players. It offers a new way of playing the game for players and it also lets them do some thinking on how to get down to a certain spot to get the colors without dying (see what I did there...hehehe) and starting from square one.

I would recommend this map to mainly survival players of Minecraft who think they may want a new challenge for the game but dont want to spend that many Minecoins.