Parkour Islands is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition parkour map made by Examinedcat669

- It currently features 8 levels with 2 more coming soon!
- It is quite long and features quite a lot of challenging jumps and puzzles!

How To Play:
Parkour is a Minecraft minigame played by jumping from block to block. But theres more to it as some jumps require strategy and planning. Some blocks or their placement can affect how you must jump.

Changelog for update (v0.1.4.1 Halloween version):

-Added Halloween decorations everywhere.

-Tweaks to the Tutorial.

-Tweaks to signs.


Update Plans: (These are not set in stone and are subject to change.)

-v0.1.5: Level 9 plus additions, changes and tweaks.

-v0.1.6: Level 10 plus additions, changes and tweaks.

-v0.1.7: Final additions, changes and tweaks to prepare for full release.

-v0.1.8: This update will only be released if there is a bug or I need to change something that was not changed in v0.1.7

-v1.0: Full release!

Contact The Creator:

Twitter: @Examinedcat669

Xbox Live: (gamertag): Examinedcat669

Discord: (Parkour Islands server: (Name & tag: Examinedcat669#7252)

Make sure to have fun in Parkour Islands!