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    Talking Make an Item ( 1.8.0.x Only )

    Since 1.14 snapshot ( 18w44a ) on Java Edition contains 11 new crafting blocks, these might be released on Bedrock Edition because items and blocks are hard to make. So, I made this map as a final crafting test before the new crafting blocks released.

    Welcome to Make an Item
    How to Play:
    In this game, there are 25 different levels. To go to the next level, you need to think how to make an item and do it. After that, press the button which is provided but the item must match the goal correctly. The goal will be at the subtitle. No hints provided, sorry.

    And a nice looking lobby at the end.

    Remember, don't use crafting recipe, crafting books and anything that could help you when you don't know how to craft an item. Just use your Minecraft knowledge.

    Download Link:
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