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    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: New UI Previewed

    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: New UI Previewed

    A few months ago, it was announced that the UI (User Interface) for Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock would be changing. These changes are to make the game more user friendly across all device. iOS, Android, Win 10, Xbox & Nintendo Switch although we are likely to see these menus to change as they release to the community, we now have a general idea in what direction Minecraft/Microsoft are taking it. NO Beta has been released yet but expect one to be coming soon.

    This was confirmed by a design director on Minecraft.Let me run you through this image.

    So: it has 5 main tabs and they seem to be: Play, Store, Server, Achievements and Settings. They seem to be quite big aswell. It also has recently played worlds down below.

    What do you think of this new UI? Enjoy the images of new information! it!

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