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    Minecraft 1.14/MCPE 1.8 - NEW Lanterns Coming To The Game

    Minecraft 1.14/MCPE 1.8 - NEW Lanterns Coming To The Game

    Long awaited lanterns coming to the game, the above image was shown today on social media by the Minecraft developer LadyAgnes who quoted the above image as "What do you think? quite pretty isn't it?" now going many a little while ago. Lanterns where requested by the community to be added to the game, this was due to torches being only a limited light source (they would burn out) Now what you can see in this image is so many different ways these lanterns can be used such as attached to Hoppers, walls above or below. It's unclear if the player can hold this lantern to so explore caves.

    Lots more changes are still to come in MCPE 1.8/Minecraft Java 1.14 - You can see the official tweet from LadyAgnes below along with the confirmation that they do not plan to make torches burn out like once planned years ago.

    Let us know in the comment section what you think about lanterns, is it a good idea?
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    oh, it's cute, but it also looks like something out of a modpack. xD
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