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    Quicksand Addon

    Want a way to troll your friends? Or do you
    just want a block that would fit well into minecraft?
    Well either way this resource pack (addon) adds quicksand
    to your game! It's great for terraforming custom terrain
    and trolling unsuspecting minecraft players that
    don't pay attention to their surroundings. The quicksand
    replaces cobwebs do to them making players sink slowly
    since custom blocks and custom block behaviors
    haven't been added to the game yet. Unlike regular
    sand quick sand has an animation and a liquid block like shape (Like lava and water blocks).

    Update v2:
    ▪Added Bucket carried texture
    ▪Added block animation
    ▪Made shape differ from original sand


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    Excuse me, can you please send the file and behavior pack for Quicksand to Mediafire (search it up) so I can feel safe downloading them? I mean, you never know if a virus is gonna destroy your computer.


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