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    Crash Team Racing Addon v1.0 (MCBE

    Hi guys!

    This addon adds 2 CTR Karts!

    - Simple CTR Kart

    The speed is 0.25 - 0.30, dye it with 16 different colors!

    - N. Oxide's Kart

    The speed is 0.30, fully speed!!

    Increase the kart HP with iron nugget, drive the kart with gold nugget

    All karts drops a key, without usage for now

    Help to my project, please! Wait the next update :3

    DOWNLOAD (.mcaddon): MEDIAFIRE
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    Red face Nuggets

    Nice to see nuggets being appreciated, and used. 🙃
    Hello everyone! 😁
    I'm a nugget, you're a nugget, we're all a NUGGET!!! #nuggets2018 #nuggetlivesmatter


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