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    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: NEW Default Textures RELEASED!

    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: NEW Default Textures RELEASED!

    Minecraft Texture Update Beta

    Releasing right now for Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock are the NEW Default textures for more. These textures have been tested on Minecraft Java for past few months. According to the Minecraft developers, the Minecraft textures have been outdated for years!! it's now time for change!

    As quoted on the Minecraft Bedrock Marketplace "The extraordinary Minecraft Texture Update has been on Java Edition in beta for quite a while now it's finally on Bedrock! we're renovating the old textures of Minecraft and polishing them up for a new beginning. Don't panic! This won't completely overhaul the look of Minecraft - These new textures just give it a much-needed update"

    You can download these texture changes for FREE on the Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock marketplace. Head into the textures tab, scroll to the bottom and download! make sure you enable them in game.

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    The Jungle Leaves are kinda messed up!


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