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    Tameable panda addon (updated to support 1.8 full)

    This now supports the latest minecraft version 1.8+

    Hey Everyone on MCBEDROCK! I made an new addon called Tameable Panda Addon! (1.8 beta only) With this addon you can tame pandas!

    To tame an panda you need to give him bamboo! (you can still breed them in an bamboo forest.) The panda will now follow you where ever you go. It will also teleport to you if you walk too fast. If you want him to stay where he is standing you can hold crouch and right click on him (long hold on mobile devices). If you want him to walk again do the same action as before. You can also ride him now! To ride on him you need to right click on him when tamed. If you want to control him you need to give him some cake. Then you can go ahead and press the WASD keys (D-Pad on mobile) to control him and use some bamboo to give him more speed. you can also ride the babies by taming them and riding them the same as an normal panda. If you breed two pandas an baby panda will already be tamed.

    Links to download the addon: McPack: ZIP:

    I also made an video about it that you can found here:

    Have fun with the addon everyone!

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