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    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: 1.8.1 is Out Now

    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock: 1.8.1 is Out Now

    Bug fixes... oh great bug fixes. These fixes are great, they fix bugs and they sometimes fix bugs that other bugs introduce. That is the situation for this update. Time for a story!

    Back last year (feels like a few days ago) a new update was released for the Nintendo Switch and it fixed a small saving to disk issue. But this update kind of broke some realms as this meant that people could not download their realms due to different versions. But this update fixed it today.



    This hotfix addresses an issue with saving to disk on Nintendo Switch. Other platforms received the update to fix worlds not loading when downloaded from Realms.

    Don't worry. 1.9 is still coming. Hang tight!

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