Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock NEW Beta - Out Now


Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
Dinosaurs are now able to damage players in the Dinosaur Island marketplace map
Fixed texel anti-aliasing so that terrain blocks now have sharper textures
Archers now raise their arms correctly in the marketplace pack "A Nightmare in Candyworld"
Fixed a bug that could result in lost items when crafting from the recipe book with a full inventory (MCPE-39621)
Marketplace content will now download correctly without getting stuck in the process (MCPE-37467)
Signs now show the correct text in the "Infinity Plumber" marketplace map
Animated textures now loop at the correct speed
Pandas now hold food correctly when eating (MCPE-39061)
Empty slots are no longer highlighted in the skin picker for packs with less than 6 skins
Players can now join games that have previously had multiplayer turned off
Fixed the rabbit model in various packs
Fixed Pigman arm positioning in the Mutant Battle Arena pack
Fixed a crash that could occur when loading in resource packs
Fixed a crash that could occur when created a new world with the Halloween Town template
The game no longer crashes when hovering over the arrow in the fletching table recipe book (MCPE-39355)
Blocks and hotbar items no longer have black textures (MCPE-39368)
Taiga biomes now generate correctly with podzol and other associated blocks (MCPE-39381)
Fixed the position of riders on mounts that allow multiple passengers
Sheep and Cats no longer appear black after being spawned with a spawn egg
Fixed a crash that could occur after exiting the settings screen
Strays now have correct arm positioning in the "Relics of the Skies" pack
Shulkers no longer turn black when attacking a player
Strays now have the correct texture layers again (MCPE-38155)
Horses will spawn as different variants (rather than just one type) when unspecified in the behavior pack
Rideable entities that use the 'minecraft:explode' component longer crash the game
The vex mob now holds items correctly in the "Stranded in Space" marketplace pack
Skeleton jockeys now sit correctly on spiders and skeleton horses (MCPE-40057)
Fixed another instance where player could spawn in mid-air in Old world types (MCPE-38374)

Source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en...ws-10-Android-