Minecraft Nintendo 3DS Update

Our final New Nintendo 3DS update is also one of our biggest!

Do you play Minecraft on New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 2DS? We do too! We really should hang out more.

Not tonight though, as youíll probably be too busy heading to the 3DS eShop so you can download a massive new update! This is our final update for the New Nintendo 3DS version and also one of our largest. Itís packed with mansions and maps! Vindicators and Vexes! Bone blocks and bug fixes! Concrete and, er, concrete powder! Llamas and... love? No. Just llamas. But we love llamas so itís all good.

Have a pleasant peek through this gallery of screenshots and then enjoy a loooooong list of new features below.


- Updated codebase in close parity with Minecraft 1.1.5
- Woodland Mansions
- Explorer Maps
- Iron & Gold Nugget Smelting


- Concrete
- Concrete Powder
- Glazed Terracotta
- Shulker Box
- Frosted Ice
-Totem of Undying
- Iron & Gold Nuggets
- Magma block
- Bone block
- Nether wart block
- Red nether brick
- Spawn Eggs (Llama, Vindicator, Evoker, Vex)


- Llamas
- Vindicators
- Evokers
- Vexes
- Cartographer Villagers


- Underground fossils
- Natural Magma block generation in the Nether


- Frost Walker
- Mending
- This update will be out later today, at 6 pm Pacific Standard Time, so make sure you update your game after that! For help with updating - - Minecraft on New 3DS, click here.

Enjoy the update!

Source: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/...ndo-3ds-update