Minecraft 1.14 Update - Compost Added Village & Pillage Update (SNAPSHOT 19W03A)


Added the Compost
Added Barrel sounds
Added Grindstone sounds
Added Sweet Berry Bush sounds
Added placement and break sounds for crops and Netherwart
Added sounds for Blast Furnace and Smoker
Changed Campfire model and texture
Fixed bugs


Instead of eating your veggies you can make fertilizer from it!
Crafted with 3 planks and 4 fences.


MC-138530 - Crash when clicking on 'Minecraft Realms' button
MC-139975 - Hover/click events in books are vertically misaligned by about a third of a row of text
MC-141036 - Game crashes when shift-clicking a newly named item out of an anvil
MC-141730 - /data remove-ing multiple elements from a list skips every other match in sub-sequence
MC-141814 - /data modify can create corrupt NBT lists (crashes)
MC-141815 - Using /data modify to replace all list values with a different type wipes the list
MC-141879 - Flame animation in GUI's is darkened
MC-141882 - Wrong capitalization on "Take book' button
MC-141883 - Some shortcuts don't work in the "Survival Inventory" tab of the creative inventory
MC-141890 - Death by campfire is discovering the floor is lava?
MC-141923 - Client Crash: java.lang.NullPointerException: Unexpected error
MC-141946 - Shulker boxes lose their name after being broken
MC-141991 - Top of lectern is a solid face
MC-142043 - Unlit campfire creates smoke particles in the rain
MC-142081 - Game crashes while reading lectern and adjusting window size (java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Listener already listening)
MC-142197 - Written books with change_page event only update the book client side

Source: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/...napshot-19w03a