Minecraft 1.14 - Update Stonecutter Returns To Minecraft (SNAPSHOT 19W04A)

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

Who adds Stonecutter functionality to Minecraft? We do! We do! Who fixes Java bugs day-in day-out? We do! We do!


Added Stonecutter functionality
Improved collision code (read: performance improvements)
Fixed bugs


New functional block that provides a simplier way to craft various stones (Stairs, Slabs, Chiseled, etc)
Crafted with 3 stone + 1 iron ingot


MC-137441 - progress.working shows on entering world
MC-140930 - Hat layer on player heads is offset
MC-141901 - Unlit campfires still hurt players that stand on them
MC-142091 - Campfire deals damage to entities that are not touching it
MC-142231 - Scaffolding does not show on maps
MC-142458 - Unlit campfire texture partially missing
MC-142486 - When you use /summon command with a wrong entity ID, you will summon a pig
MC-142528 - Commands using @e[type=] on chat have broken autofilling
MC-142567 - Replacing lava with campfire creates unlit campfire
MC-142568 - Pushing a level 7 compost will make it not able to compost their contents
MC-142608 - Lightning doesn't appear
MC-142621 - "Invalid book tag" is not translatable
MC-142698 - Locking maps can duplicate them
MC-142762 - When you have a full inventory, taking the book from the lectern deletes the book
MC-142763 - Clicking recipes in Blast Furnace and Smoker deletes output
MC-142766 - Clicking a recipe in blast furnace/smoker returns fuel to inventory and resets cook progress

Source: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/...napshot-19w04a