Minecraft 1.14 - Village & Pillage Iron Golem Changes

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

We're slowly entering the "bug fixing and polishing" phase of the 1.14 Village & Pillage update, but that didn't stop us from sneaking in a few cool features like Leather Horse Armor (it's dyeable!), making Invisiblity Potions actually useful in survival, and best of all... wait, oh dear, I've forgotten what that last thing was. Oh well, it'll come to me later.


One Iron Golem now spawns in all villages upon generation
Improvements to invisibility to allow it to correctly work in many cases where it didn't but you'd expect it to
Added Leather Horse Armor
Textures for potion effects are now split into individual files
Command parser now accepts ' as string quotes. Inside '-quoted string " is handled as normal character and requires no escaping (and vice-versa) - so now it's easier to input text components in NBT.
Stopped foxes, dolphins, and pandas from having armor equipped onto them via dispenser
Changed bounding box and eye height of foxes (prevents them from drowning when swimming)
Foxes that trusted you in the previous snapshot will unfortunately no longer be trusting


Added a new armor type for horses
Dye it in lots, yes LOTS, of different colors


MC-10901 - Various mobs can see invisible players
MC-64581 - Game freezes a couple of seconds when changing mipmap level parameter
MC-68563 - Barrier particles display random textures when switching resource packs
MC-79320 - Invisible villagers and wandering traders can be seen by zombies
MC-106430 - "Glowing" shader not reloaded on resource pack reload
MC-116969 - Mobs look at invisible mobs / players
MC-129855 - Turtle egg block model has stretched texture
MC-130564 - Server resource packs can brick the client for up to minutes!
MC-131368 - Snow golems attack invisible mobs
MC-134625 - Tesselating liquid in world - NullPointerException
MC-137009 - Shulker Detection Range Incorrect for invisible targets
MC-137722 - Smooth quartz blocks do not use the proper "smooth" texture
MC-137841 - Villagers don't run away from ravagers
MC-138022 - Wither roses can be placed on unusual blocks like hoppers
MC-143398 - Recalibrated the connection to the bovine plane
MC-138558 - Cats and ocelots run away from players in creative mode
MC-139739 - Bad Omen's icon is bugged in Programmer Art
MC-140379 - New village church stained window is one block lower
MC-140676 - Sweet berry bush do not burn
MC-141318 - Server crashes when an arrow, which has a non-vanilla sound event in it's SoundEvent tag, hit a block or mob
MC-141911 - Fire charges cannot ignite campfires
MC-141987 - Splash water bottle does not extinguish campfire
MC-142850 - Baby pandas never spawn naturally
MC-143983 - Mojang logo can be changed using texture pack
MC-144080 - Clicking anywhere in "Video Settings..." play's the click sound
MC-144083 - Cannot drag slider in Options
MC-144092 - Fox offspring don't trust the player
MC-144142 - Foxes take and eat things while sleeping
MC-144161 - Warning on game startup: "File minecraft:sounds/mob/fox/bark5.ogg does not exist, cannot add it to event minecraft:entity.fox.bark"

Read more: https://minecraft.net/en-us/article/...napshot-19w08a