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    Minecraft 1.14 - Village & Pillage Update How To Get Brown Mooshroom

    Minecraft 1.14 - Village & Pillage Update How To Get Brown Mooshroom

    So a joke between the Minecraft developers turned out to be a feature in game during the latest Minecraft 1.14 Snapshot. 19w08a has brought us the brown mooshroom mob, the exact same as the original red moohsroom mob..... or is it... well no actually they are very different. The red mooshroom has a spawn location and that's mooshroom islands, brown mooshrooms require certain weather.

    At first findings the way to obtain the brown mooshroom was with commands meaning no way to get it in survival, as time has gone no we've learned some pretty cool things with this mob. 1 if it's thundering and you have a trident with channeling (summons lightning) and throw it at the Red mooshroom evil I know, it'll turn it into a brown mooshroom. But there is more if you then feed these brown mooshroom flowers such as the cornflower then right click/press with a bowl on that cow you'll get suspicious stews which produce multiple different potion effects for a limited time.

    According the Minecraft dev Cory there might just be one more secret out there to be found. But its worth having one of these cows in your survival world for potion buffs.

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