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    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock Village & Pillage BETA Out Now!

    Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock Village & Pillage BETA Out Now!

    Known Issues:
    In this Beta there is a known issue with dragging and splitting stacks of items in the crafting grid and inventory. We are aware of the issue and a fix will be included in the next beta - in the meantime stacks can still be split in half using right click, or long-press for touch screen users.

    Experimental Gameplay:

    (Work in progress features that are only available when Experimental Gameplay is enabled in world settings)

    New Villager Trade UI for Classic and Pocket UI profiles
    Pillager Raids
    New base mob effects for the raid: Bad Omen and Hero of the Village effects
    Illagers and Ravagers do not kill baby villagers
    Placeholder 'horn' sound
    Placeholder explosion sound to indicate successful raid defense
    Adding the dweller component to raiders
    Villagers in existing worlds now convert to new Villagers (if they are not part of a marketplace template world)

    Various Villager bug fixes and changes:

    Farmers choose their profession based on composter blocks rather than farmland blocks
    Farmers and Librarians properly go to work
    Work goal is properly cleaned up between schedule changes
    Fixed work goal to have a cooldown, max active time, and better ranges
    Fixed preferred job sites being lost after reloading worlds
    Increased job site goal distances
    Villagers no longer get launched from their beds
    Village structures no longer generate on top of one another (MCPE-41220)

    Various Village generation bug fixes:

    Village chests now all have loot (MCPE-41235)
    Grass, bell, and trapdoor placement fixes
    Village town centres now generate at or above water level
    Sand blocks now have supportive sandstone blocks underneath
    Fixed a bug causing some Village elements to be buried underground
    Balanced the number of job sites generated in villages
    Flowing water is no longer generated in villages
    Lava in Blacksmiths is no longer a fire hazard!
    Animals can spawn in Villages again
    Fixed rotation of terracotta blocks
    Balanced sea pickle generation
    Bell block and crop block fixes
    Fixed an issue with snow layer generation
    Fixed an issue with ravines near desert Villages
    Renamed Illager Beast to Ravager
    Ravagers now tread more carefully around blocks that can inflict damage, such as berry bushes
    Added Ravager Stun and Roar attacks
    Added Ravager Bite Attack
    Ravagers can be ridden by Pillagers and Vindicators.
    Ravager Environment Interaction
    When running, the Ravager will break all of the following blocks around it, similar to how the Wither works:
    Berry Bushes
    Dead Bushes
    Leaf Blocks
    Pumpkins (including Carved/Lit)
    Stem Blocks
    Chorus Plants
    Chorus Flowers/Fruits
    Tall Grass
    Lily Pads
    Turtle Eggs
    Top Snow/Snow Layers
    Saplings (including Bamboo)
    Added Ravager Sounds
    Illager Captain
    Pillager Outposts now spawn Captains
    Implemented Illager Captain Banner
    Added Illager Captain Banner to creative menu
    Iron Golem no longer generates outside of its cage in Pillager Outpost
    Pillager Outpost now no longer generate embedded in the ground too much
    Reduced the number of Pillager Outposts
    Added Village new economy supply and demand system
    The Supply of trades is only restored when the Villager is given the opportunity to work at their Work Station. (This feature is not complete in this beta, but villagers can access a resupply using the command /resupply)
    When the Villager's trades are restored to full, it takes whatever Supply was used up (number of trades), and converts that into a price increase called Demand. Demand goes up by the number of Supply used, and down by the number of Supply not used
    When villagers make trades, they gain experience. When they gain enough experience, they level up. Levelling up unlocks new trades, which are locked until the Villager is at the appropriate level (currently one trade equals one level up, this will be changed in a future update)
    The economy system is still in development and more features and changes will be added later on
    Villagers no longer teleport through walls or get stuck in walls when trying to sleep

    New Features:

    Pillager Patrols now spawn in the world
    Added basic Composter functionality, sounds, and particles
    Hopper functionality will be added at a later date
    Added Grindstone UI, functionality, and sounds
    Added Bell functionality
    New bell sounds
    Bell is no longer behind experimental features
    Bells ring when players interact with them or they are powered by redstone
    Bells break when pushed by a piston
    Arrows bounce off Bells
    Added more campfire functionality!
    Campfire Cooking!
    Added particles and sounds
    Campfires smoke when they are extinguished
    Campfires produce more smoke when placed on a haybale
    Axes break campfires more quickly
    Added Stonecutter functionality
    Added Cartography Table UI
    Added Sweet Berry Bush sounds
    Lecterns now emit a redstone signal when used
    Players can use a comparator and each page turn emits one redstone signal
    Added Lantern sounds
    Added Barrel basic functionality and sounds


    Bamboo generation is no longer behind the experimental gameplay toggle
    Cartography tables and grindstones can now be crafted with multiple wooden plank types
    Adding missing recipes for campfires, including wood blocks, stripped wood blocks, and stripped logs
    Moved all stonecutter recipes to the normal recipe list with tags

    For Map Makers and Add-On Creators:

    Added Data Driven Furnace Recipes
    Custom furnace recipes can be added to the game using JSON
    Furnace recipes are 1 per file just like all other craft recipes.
    Added tags to furnace recipes and made the UI screens use them to filter the recipes down
    Recipes now have tags so they can be filtered by crafting type
    Leash positions now use vanilla positions if not specified in the pack
    Fixed baby Zombie Pigman sword scale in marketplace content
    Sound Event is now displayed in the scripting documentation
    Renamed blocks in resource packs now keep their custom names

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