Minecraft 1.14 - Village & Pillage Update NEW Noteblocks Sounds Added!

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

We got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell.

Added new Noteblock sounds
Fixed bugs
Sprites for particles can now be configured in resource packs (though particle still controls how they will be used)


5 new Noteblock sounds have been added: Iron Xylophone, Cow Bell, Didgeridoo, Bit, and Banjo
1 previously existing, but unused, sound effect has now been made available: Pling
The new Noteblock sounds can be heard by using Iron Blocks, Soul Sand, Pumpkins, Emerald Blocks, Hay Blocks, or Glowstone


MC-106133 - Stray / Wither Skeleton / Pillager with Tipped Arrow in Offhand No Longer Shoot Tipped Arrows
MC-132351 - Plants don't grow when there is block above them
MC-137627 - Loom pattern selection turns blank when using banner patterns
MC-137977 - Pillagers with Multishot or Piercing crossbows don't have the enchanted effects
MC-138004 - Pillagers do not shoot fireworks from their offhand
MC-139446 - Sky light not recalculated when blocks placed in air with /fill command
MC-139689 - South-facing banners are placed differently on pillager outpost
MC-140750 - Undead doesn't burn at sun in bamboo
MC-141924 - Locking a map removes markers
MC-141958 - Creeper and skeletons banners can be created without patterns
MC-143404 - NPE: Ticking entity with trader llamas, sheeps, wolves, horses, cats and chickens
MC-144078 - Foxes don't get effects from the food they eat
MC-144136 - Foxes don't attack tropical fish or pufferfish
MC-144182 - If Foxes have no AI, sleeping, and it's thundering, they will wake up
MC-144184 - Foxes with fire aspect swords don't make cooked chicken when killing a chicken
MC-144195 - Foxes attempt to sit while swimming
MC-144514 - Water buckets won't interact with double slabs
MC-144517 - Block of Quartz' bottom texture is the same as Smooth Quartz
MC-144519 - Foxes are able to harvest berry bushes with mobGriefing false
MC-144580 - Llamas spit at tamed wolves
MC-144624 - Animals do not follow players holding food in creative mode
MC-144784 - Entities are invisible when joining/teleporting to areas outside spawn chunks

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