Minecraft Map Review: Spring Mini Games Festival

This map is available on the Minecraft Marketplace for 310 Minecoins. This map was made by Noxcrew. Noxcrew has made other maps such as Elf Patrol and Grid Runners. The Minecraft Marketplace is available for devices such as Android and Windows 10.

Spring Mini Games Festival brings a sense of joy. It is very bright and can bring you into the season of flowers, animals and Easter. It can truly capture the essence of spring and allow you to bring your friends into the outside of a Minecraft world and play games and have a laugh.

It has a hide variety of mini games for you to try out. You can race your friends at a difficult parkour challenge and see who is the best at jumping. Or if that does not take your fancy, you can battle it out in a PVP arena and see who is the most talented at either free for all or team combat.

At the center of it all is a HUGE tree which marks a new life. This is a great place to meet your friends and address the agenda for the day.
If you really want to, you can even fly bees in this map to get more of a glimpse of this map high above.

This map is great if you want to try out some mini games with friends and see what is different between certain mini game festival maps.