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    Artifice Artifacts

    Hi i have a realm i would love to share with you guys.

    Artifice Artifacts

    im mentally challenged and have been playing the same minecraft world since 2014 when the computer gave me the seed 1.8 the very first time i opened it..

    its a jungle spawn and i have a Jungle Base established.. i have also made supporting zones in other areas for the central jungle base..

    i feel i need more inspiration and input to the already completed jungle base so i can continue building in new areas.. also its a survival map but i can grant creative privileges if u have have a huge building project needing resources i cant supply..

    Leave your IGN in reply and i will create an invite to the minecraft Realm World for you,

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    You found a seed with a large jungle? You lucked out.

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    Yo, spot me bro

    Gamertag: BlackInferno506

    IGN: Bobzilla

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