Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock Village & Pillage BETA Out Now!

New Features:

When choosing a skin from a skin pack, the selected skin will now roam between Bedrock devices using the same account
Players now receive a discount from villager trades while they have the Hero of the Village effect
Added loot dropped by pillagers and vindicators during a raid
When a raid starts, a horn is heard by every player in the dimension, coming from the direction of the raid spawn point
Added a screen for Accessibility in Settings
Text to Speech can be enabled for chat
UI Screen Reader can be enabled to say the name of controls and their current state


Note on World Generation: In order to deliver the coolest generated villages possible, some world seeds may have villages generate in different areas than they used to before this update
Wandering Trader is no longer behind the Experimental Gameplay toggle
Completely revamped Villager trades for each profession
Increased the radii for job site blocks so villagers get to them more often and are less angry
Zombie Villagers now update to new Zombie Villagers when not part of template worlds
How to Play has been updated with helpful Village & Pillage knowledge
Improvements to villager and iron golem pathing
Increased the amount of scaffolding that can be placed out from its initial support
Added an experience bar to the new villager trading screen
Villagers will now resupply their trades when arriving at their job site
Villagers now hide in houses during raids and when bells are rung
Villagers cannot be traded with during a raid
Wandering traders do not resupply trades and will despawn when out of trades
Maps can now be locked by using glass panes on the Cartography Table
Locked maps do not update to reflect explored areas or changes in the world. Unexplored areas will remain unexplored
Locked maps cannot be extended but can still be copied


Fixed the crash from the previous beta that could occur when re-joining a world while the Ender Dragon was in view
Fixed a crash that occurred when opening the chest inside a taiga village Fletcher's workplace
Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
Fixed the black screen that appeared after a suspend/resume on Android devices
Template worlds using custom villager trades no lo longer crash the game
Fixed a crash that occurred when using invalid characters on signs (MCPE-41671)


Windows 10 players with Minecraft installed on a different drive no longer get an error message saying that they are out of storage space, unless they are truly out of space (MCPE-32501)


Increased the visibility of the raid boss bar past the village bounds
Hero of the Village is now granted for three in-game days instead of one after completing a raid
Bells now ring in the preparation phase of raids
Players no longer float around beds while sleeping (MCPE-41344)
Bad Omen now disappears after five in-game days, drinking milk, or dying

World Generation

Lily pads once again generate in the world (MCPE-42560)
Fixed some buildings in villages not containing loot inside their chests
Fixed ground level blocks getting cut from underneath village structures
Beds will more commonly generate in villages


Villagers from 1.10 worlds are now properly converted to new villagers
Villagers can no longer get stuck inside composters. It was kinda funny though.
Villagers will actually follow proper etiquette and close doors behind them (MCPE-41170)
Villagers no longer spend too much time at their job sites
Villager children no longer stay out playing too late. Get to bed!
Villagers that the player is trading with will no longer run and hide when a bell is rung until after the trade is complete
Underwater mobs no longer spawn on land (MCPE-40783)
Sorted out the Wandering Trader's priorities so they won't get attacked as easily
Raiding mobs will now attack players and villagers if they are spotted on the way to a village
Evokers now count towards the raid counter
Fixed a white stripe that appeared on the Librarian's shoulder
Skeletons once again turn before shooting
Tamed cats now lay on their sides when sleeping on a bed (MCPE-40726)


Composters now have proper lighting (MCPE-42561)
Lanterns can once again be placed under stairs
Corrected the breaking particles for the grindstone
Sounds now play for job site blocks when villagers are using them
Fixed campfires not looking right when using HD textures
Using Ctrl + Pick block no longer creates a new bed with extra data attached (MCPE-42494)


Banners can once again be copied in the crafting grid (MCPE-42534)
Banners can once again be seen by players joining a world and no longer cause a crash when viewed in the inventory (MCPE-42529)

User Interface

The anvil output slot once again updates when removing items from the input slot (MCPE-42420)
Bad Omen status now shows remaining time displayed on the mob effects screen