Minecraft 1.14 - Village & Pillage Release Preparation Snapshot 19W14A

A Village & Pillage Java Snapshot

In this week's snapshot we have a big pile of bugfixes. But honestly, why would you play this when the greatest game of all time was rediscovered just this very week?


Cats can now spawn naturally in villages and not just upon world generation
Knock knock. Who's there? Not a pillager because they can no longer open doors...
Lots of bug fixes!


MC-2518 - No -breaking sound or- particle effect for some tools and all armor
MC-10369 - Server side particle spawning does not create particles for client
MC-66206 - Beacon color change delayed if the beam passes through water, cobweb, leaves
MC-90594 - Player can stop sneaking/gliding without space to stand up
MC-113898 - Water below lily pads is replaced by wooden planks village paths
MC-121105 - Beacon beam color update is slow when too far away from the beacon block
MC-121148 - Polar bears are required in "Monster hunter" advancement, but are not completely hostile
MC-125774 - The player keeps its 1 block height of swimming animation when going out of water
MC-127238 - Beacon colors don't update as frequently anymore
MC-129863 - "Crawling" underneath glass/grass paths/other transparent blocks causes bugs
MC-131116 - Re-entering water while in a crawling state can cause the player to visually stand up
MC-133042 - Block of grass that grew from dirt under snow is not snowy
MC-137595 - Podzol generates below other blocks
MC-137734 - Bamboo can generate on melon
MC-138751 - "Fullscreen Resolution" setting cannot be adjusted
MC-138795 - Tamed cats with CatType:0 become wild ocelots upon upgrading to 1.14 snapshots
MC-139427 - Glass appears dark next to full blocks
MC-139429 - The 'b' in "Jigsaw block" is lowercase
MC-139478 - Buffet Floating Islands worlds generate dirt instead of grass
MC-139706 - Pillager-Outposts doesn't spawn in Superflat-Worlds
MC-139756 - Village has a pillager outpost
MC-139841 - Using /locate to find pillager outposts in a superflat world freezes the game
MC-140307 - Curses on the second item are lost when repairing in a grindstone
MC-140331 - New village structures can overlap each other
MC-140355 - Vex attacks Witch
MC-141986 - Stronghold can generate above surface
MC-142256 - Lighting/worldgenerator issue: black patches and dark spots appearing in the world
MC-142692 - World loading progress becomes black after 100%
MC-142735 - Incorrect/Different '/data modify' behavior
MC-143092 - "Left click" or "Q" in a recipe of slab in an stonecutter results in loss of items
MC-143131 - Soul sand doesn't conduct redstone
MC-143280 - Stonecutter result slot doesn't allow fast clicks
MC-143403 - Items can glitch through solid blocks
MC-144314 - Fox hitbox is shifted
MC-144537 - Loading screen appears while changing mipmap levels
MC-144610 - Spawn chunks are lazy chunks
MC-144678 - Entities don't interact with the world far from the player
MC-144685 - Ender dragon will shoot at players in creative
MC-145002 - When trying to join a world, the loading screen gets stuck at 100%
MC-145262 - Entities get stuck in the void when render distance is below 12
MC-145438 - Arrows and tridents spawned with /summon in a world spawn point too far from (0,0) causes game performance to plummet
MC-145675 - Ringing bell doesn't render hand swing animation
MC-145686 - java.util.NoSuchElementException ticking entity crash when a workstation is destroyed immediately after a villager within a 1-block radius has taken the job matching the workstation
MC-145705 - Placing a block next to a bell causes the block to appear then instantly disappear
MC-145716 - Pillager outpost watchtower fails to generate
MC-145737 - Clicking bell with non-placable item carried play twice sound
MC-145772 - Large amount of free work sites can cause lag when introducing new villagers
MC-145798 - Pressing space/enter in book and quill changes page
MC-145862 - Villagers try to sleep in occupied beds
MC-145890 - Tab overrides command block suggestions while turned off
MC-145971 - Chat message text box can be unfocused
MC-146067 - You can trade with sleeping villagers
MC-146168 - Pressing enter in the name or seed field on the create world dialog no longer creates the world
MC-146215 - Error executing task on Client: Playing level event
MC-146225 - Lava buckets empty with no effect when placed on ladders
MC-146248 - Cut Sandstone & Cut Red Sandstone cannot be shift-clicked on the stonecutter
MC-146254 - Loom bottom uses loom top texture
MC-146272 - Double screen bounce with new sneak/crouch changes
MC-146288 - Mobs bodies rotate almost instantly to the direction they're looking
MC-146293 - Some planks in village bridges appear one block too high
MC-146297 - Sounds can be heard very far away
MC-146316 - Ender dragon disappears after being spawned with /summon
MC-146331 - Mobs heads can't turn left/right while they're moving
MC-146332 - Player can stop sneaking while standing in a 1.5 blocks tall space
MC-146519 - Game freezes while villager looks for point of interest over void
MC-146520 - Player can't move a minecart in any direction except forward
MC-146521 - Villagers move while trading
MC-146614 - Oak saplings can appear in chests in savanna villages
MC-146776 - Typo in Difficulty lock (Difficulity lock)
MC-146784 - When you right click on the bell with a snow in the hand the block of grass turns white without snow on top
MC-146789 - Grass turns to dirt when there is snow above it
MC-146792 - Vindicators and ravagers don't attack players, villagers and iron golems during raids
MC-146804 - Not able to right click for more options in crafting menu
MC-146810 - Villagers stay in houses forever when I ring the bell
MC-146840 - When signing a book and quill, the next arrow button is visible
MC-146863 - Shakespearean English's name occludes its own selection box
MC-146876 - Vindicators display wooden axes when they spawn in raids
MC-146927 - Cannot place a bell when aiming at the side of a block it cannot be placed on
MC-146932 - Pillagers, ravagers and vindicators on raids ignore players
MC-147003 - Villager's don't randomly look at other mobs anymore
MC-147041 - Fletcher dropping uncraftable tipped arrows for gift (hero of the village loot table)
MC-147060 - Client freezes if a nearby player swims in water while flying with elytra
MC-147061 - Kelp gets destroyed all at the same time when the bottom block is broken, unlike sugar cane, bamboo, and cactus
MC-147152 - Invalid move player packet received / teleporting player to NaN crashes worldsave

Read More: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-snapshot-19w14a0