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    Minecraft PlayStation 4 - NEW Shields Update Released!

    Minecraft PlayStation 4 - NEW Shields Update Released!

    Change log for Patch 1.90 - April 15th 2019

    Added Loom.
    Added Lectern.
    Added Lantern.
    Added Crossbow.
    Added Shields.
    Added Community Cat Skin.
    Added Pillagers (Creative Only)
    Added Banner stencils.
    Added Wood Blocks (Bark).
    New Vanilla Textures.
    Added Minecraft Classic Texture Pack (Built in).
    Added 6 new Trophies.
    Added the Ability to create dyed stained glass and dyed carpets directly from glass pane/white carpet + dye.
    Cats can now be healed by feeding them fish.
    Chorus Fruit Flowers now break when struck via an Arrow.
    Creepers can drop Records if they are killed by a Stray.
    Dead Bush can be used a Furnace Fuel.
    Decaying Leaves can now drop Sticks occasionally.
    Dispensers with Shears in them, will shear Sheep when activated.
    New Shapeless Recipes for Rabbit Stew and Beetroot Soup.
    Placing wet sponge in Nether and Warm Biomes will dry it out after some time.

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