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    Minecraft Playstation 4 - VILLAGE & PILLAGE RELEASE NEXT WEEK!

    Minecraft Playstation 4 - VILLAGE & PILLAGE RELEASE NEXT WEEK!

    That's right, Minecraft Playstation 4 players your update is nearly complete. 4j studios who today are celebration 7 years of Minecraft xbox 360 edition are using this opportunity to sneak preview PS4 village & pillage. As seen on the picture above we are see cake (xbox birthday) but a few features that are coming to PS4 soon.


    1. Pillager Outpost
    2. Pillagers
    3. Berries
    4. Camp fires
    5. Crossbow
    6. Smoker

    Now it's unclear if PS4 will get foxes as we do not know if PS4 Minecraft is following bedrock or Java. Previously all console versions followed Java but a few updates ago all console edition received an update to make them equivalent to Bedrock. With Bedrock (iOS, Android, Win 10, Xbox & Switch) not having Foxes due to them not being complete this may be the same for PS4 players.

    Update release is expected next week as it's most likely in testing with Sony which can and usually does take 1 week to test

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