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    Cool Minecraft bedrock realm looking for players

    Hello I am here to ask you peeps if you would be willing to join this realm [> <] we have a item shop that contains 80% of the blocks and items in game a w.i.p custom crafting thing a land claim system antigreifing measures like spawn protection that witch thanks too allow you to have villagers that can farm we also have a discord [> <] and for those looking for a bit more chaos we also a a extra anarchy realm [> <] I hope to see you all on! Thank you for reading! Oh and here's some screenshots

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    I see we have another nugget in the server. Xd
    Hello everyone! 😁
    I'm a nugget, you're a nugget, we're all a NUGGET!!! #nuggets2018 #nuggetlivesmatter

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    Da more nuggets da better


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