I am starting a new Bedrock edition server for content creators. I have the server up and running and ready to go, but will be waiting to start until we can get a group of creators together and we all agree upon a start date. Personally I would like to start in the next month or so. I would like this to be a team effort where all creators are included in all decisions regarding the server. I would like to connect with creators who make regular, quality conetent and able to last for the duration of the season. Duration of the season can be decided later

Quick About Me:
I am Jomica and have been creating YouTube videos since 2016. I am 32. Minecraft has been a big part of my channel since the beginning. I recently started playing Bedrock Edition on Windows 10 and it almost feels like I am playing a new game again.

Server Info:
  • Hosted on a dedicated server I run
  • Coordinates: On
  • Whitelist: On
  • Cheats: Off
  • Game mode: Survival
  • Difficulty: Hard
  • View Distance: 32 Chunks
  • Tick Distance: 4 Chunks
  • Player Idle Timeout: Off

Rules: (Subject to change)
  • No Greifing/Stealing
  • No Spoilers
  • Be Lag Friendly

Requirements to join:
  • You must be a content creator. Youtube/Streamer
  • Ideally older than 18
  • History of content
  • Discord

How to apply:
Join the discord: https://discord.gg/4vSyfVF

Not a Youtuber/Streamer?
You are more than welcome to join the discord to keep up with the progress of the server/series.