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    Lightbulb Magnificent Biomes Add-On

    Minecraft Anniversary! Within a few weeks, we needed to spend a lot of effort on developing update to this addon. Do you like coconuts?! Magnificent Biomes Add-On changes vanilla biomes and compliments them with new ones.

    Update v1.0.1 (05/17/2019), patch notes:

    Devices: Windows 10, Android, Xbox, Nintendo

    • changed addon pack icon
    • updated bamboo texture
    • updated structure of the desert surface
    • updated structure of the Volcanic Island surface
    • added lava near the bedrock
    • removed cold desert

    • added new biome "Tropical shores"
    • added new biome "Alps"
    • added Palm tree
    • added Palm log
    • added Palm planks
    • added Palm stairs
    • added Bamboo Block
    • added Coconut Block
    • added Coconut

    • fixed new biomes rarity
    • fixed "Teleport blocks"

    Download: addon client v1.0.1 for Windows10/Android
    Download: addon client v1.0.1 for Xbox/Nintendo

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