This addon was designed to spark the feeling of adventure and exploration in every trainer!

  • As the first beta this release has laid the foundation for amazing things to come!
  • Now with this addon installed, you can travel your Minecraft world in search of pokemon!

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  • addon: @pokecraftdream
  • developer: @RedStudios_

What's this?

This is a Minecraft: Bedrock Edition addon that adds pokemon to your Minecraft world.


  • three new entites known as pokemobs have been added to the game. You will find them spawning naturally in your world in certain biomes, and during certain times.

  • travel your Minecraft world with all new pokemon themed music if you choose to download our resource pack that includes it.

  • complete visual redesign of UI.


  • Bulbasaur (#001)
  • Charmander (#004)
  • Squirtle (#007)

Bulbasaur (#001):

  • Spawns during sunrise or sunset.
  • Can be found in most forest biomes.

Charmander (#004):

  • Spawns during the day.
  • Can be found on mountains and in extreme hills biomes.

Squirtle (#007):

  • Spawns around midnight.
  • Can be found on beaches and near rivers.

How do I get started?

Global Resource Pack

Resource Pack
*Only apply to new world*

Behavior Pack
*Only apply to new world*

  • DOWNLOAD (pokecraft-dream-behavior-pack)
  • DOWNLOAD (pokecraft-dream-resource-pack)
  • DOWNLOAD (pokecraft-dream-resource-pack-no-music)