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    Mineworld 1.01

    Mineworld 1.01
    This add-on adds several RPG features and some mobs that will help you in your adventure, like the Red Panda, which appears in the Taiga and you can attach a bag to load some of your items, plus this bag can be improved with materials that you can Find it very easily. You can also find the husky, which will take care of the enemies that attack you.

    1. Red panda
      • The red panda can be found in the Taiga biome, you can tame it with any vegetable and you can put a chest to load your objects.
    2. Dogs
      • There are only two breeds of dogs, the husky and the Black Mouth cur, which you can tame like wolves, these dogs have 5 states of encouragement, the happy, the weak, the lazy, the aggressive and the playful.
    3. Whale
      • The whale appears in the warm oceans and can drop blubber, which is drinkable.
    4. Jellyfish
      • Jellyfish appear in the warm oceans, have 3 species and one of them is poisonous. Like the dogs, the jellyfish have only 2 temperaments, the aggressive and the docile.
    5. Hunter
      • The hunter appears at night and attacks from the sky, can loose ingots of silver or its essence in a jar


    • Essences:
      • Zombie
      • Skeleton
      • Zombie Pigman
      • Hunter
    • Silver ingot
    • Silver dust
    • Gold dust
    • Iron dust
    • Peridot
    • Onyx
    • Bag
    • Berry wine
    • Blubber
    • Strange meat

    • Bassalt
    • Bassalt smooth
    • Board
    • Board cobblestone
    • Board bricks
    • Red dirt
    • Peridot ore
    • Onyx ore
    • Silver ore
    • Peridot block
    • Onyx block
    • Silver block

    Vanilla changes:
    • Wolves can no longer be domesticated, and those that have already been domesticated before applying this addon will not change.
    • Gold ingots have different colors


    • Updated for minecraft
    • Updated for minecraft 1.11.X
      • This version only contains the entities why the items and perzonalized blocks are only in the beta version

    Mcaddon file:
    Minecraft beta 1.12.0.X:
    Mineworld 1.01 for Minecraft 1.12.X
    Minecraft 1.11.X:
    Mineworld 1.01 for minecraft 1.11.X
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