Creators: @keyyard


1. UserInterface

•Custom In-game Background Music
•Custom In-game Addon Guide, with full tutorial & a section for Addon Creators! (since there are many people new to those things, and if you don’t understand anything. feel free to dm me on twitter, don’t copy code)

2.Magic, Spells Showcase In Short.

•You will see the full tutorial of how to get it works on the Addon Guide in game.
•Eye Of Agamotto / Item Stone (Item): Speed up the time, slow down nearby enemies
•The Cloak Of Levitation & The Eye Of Agamotto Necklace (decoration): It’s an entity, which when you walks in will automatically wear!
•The Ancient One’s Punch (Weapon): High Speed Dashing Attack, High Damage, causes thunderstorm
•Shield Spell (Item): Appears a shield in front of you, blocks all enemies actions.
•Air Traveling Spell (Item): Appears a spell under you to move in the air. Can be used with other spells.

•Portals: Disappears in a few moments, teleport player from Portal [Start] to Portal [Destination]. Recommend having a friend controlling another portal.

A short Video about the Features in Short:

Please download both of these files & import them. On a world, please TURN ON EXPERIMENTAL GAMEPLAY FIRST! if an error occurred make the addon doesn’t work, create another world & repeat.

Download Resources Pack
Download Behavior Pack