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    Vanilla Vehicles Addon

    Have you ever wished to have some kind of cars in Minecraft? Have you ever wanted to ride that Minecart... off the rails? This Add-on replaces all 5 horses (Horse, Zombie Horse, Skeleton Horse, Mule, Donkey) 2 Spiders (Spider & Cave Spider) Pigs, Cows, Sheep and more with 11 new Minecraft-ish vehicles

    Minecar: Once you start the engine by adding the Key(Saddle) It's pretty fast, currently the only vehicle that can be customizable in terms of looks (Horse Armor is replaced by 4 Stickers) You can dye the Color Overlay Sticker using a Cauldron (similar with how you would dye leather armor)

    Miniminecar: Just like a Minecar, but smaller, and, as an addition, it can jump! Don't forget to add the key!

    Minemarine: Add a key, and start your underwater journey (until the Aquatic Update You are safe from underwater mobs & you won't drown!

    Mineplane: Put it down, add the Key to go up & take out the key to go down!

    Minebus: It's big, and it can carry up to [B]5 players at once!

    Minebike: Ride a motorcycle up to[B] 2 players at once!

    Minetrain: This is a combination of multiple entities (Cart & Engine). Place down the engine then consecutively place down the carts and they will connect! Cart – Skeleton, Locomotive – Husk

    Dotto Minetrain: Works like the Minetrain, but it has a different look & it’s bigger. Cart – Pig, Cow – Locomotive

    Minecopter: Add the key to fly up, and take the key out to fly down. Also, the propellers spin! – Replaces Zombie Villager

    RC Cars: Added RC Cars & Controllers (New Behavior) Charge them with a battery & and use controllers like snowballs to define where the cars go. Red RC Car – Stray, Blue RC Car – Wither Skeleton

    Minekart: A new race car! The fastest ground vehicle of them all, sprayable like a sheep! – Replaces Sheep

    Props: These replace mob heads and can be used to decorate your world!

    -Stickers (Horse Armor)
    -Minecar(Spawn Horse)
    -Miniminecar(Spawn Donkey)
    -Minemarine(Spawn Zombie Horse)
    -Mineplane(Spawn Mule)
    -Minebus(Spawn Skeleton Horse)
    -Minebike(Spawn Spider& Cave Spider)
    -Minekart(Spawn Sheep)
    -Mineterain(Cow and Pig)
    -Dotto Minetrain(Husk and Skeleton)
    -Minecopter(Zombie Villager)
    -Mechanic(Spawn Villager)
    -Props(Mob Heads)
    -Spray Cans (Dyes)

    The Addon includes custom sounds!
    Also, check out the GUIDE!
    it replaces the "How to Play" Screen

    Download both resource & behavior pack
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    Time Warner Cable has taken possession of the download links ;w;

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