Use the commands and follow the picture to setup your own custom Notch/Enchanted Golden Apple Crafting Recipe.

Command blocks:

1. testforblocks ~ ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~1 19 5 1

2. setblock 19 5 1 air

3. kill @e[type=item]

4. clone ~ ~ ~1 ~ ~ ~1 19 5 1

Lower dispenser has an apple in the middle surrounded by gold blocks
Top dispenser has an enchanted golden apple

And the dispenser on the pedestal is empty but you are supposed to "craft" an enchanted golden apple in there by surrounding an apple with golden blocks.

To make sure this works place the redstone block last.

You can make other custom recipes by having the lower dispenser have the recipe and the top dispenser have the result.

Please don't repost this with just new recipes unless you credit me then its fine.