Minecraft Bedrock: Beta Build Out Now

New Features:
- Conduits can now be constructed underwater and give players the Conduit Power effect

- Slightly decreased the friction of Blue Ice

- Fixed several crashes that occurred during gameplay
- Bone Meal can no longer be used too quickly
- Blocks can no longer be placed underwater without highlighting another block while sprint-swimming in Creative mode
- Players can no longer breathe underwater by swimming into ice blocks
- The breath meter will no longer decrease when the player is visually above water
- The breath meter is no longer refilled after quitting and loading back into a world
- Dolphins can no longer be fed fish immediately after they have already been fed
- Fences can once again be placed on leaves and certain other blocks
- Fixed water not rendering when swimming against the bottom of a block
- Seagrass obtained by commands is now functional and stackable
- Changes to a world's name when it is initially created from a template will now update properly after saving and quitting
- All Buttons will now display properly in the hotbar and when placed in an Item Frame
- The Lead attach point no longer appears in front of the player when swimming
- Items will no longer get stuck in flowing water source blocks
- Zombies that have transformed from Husks no longer have super speed on land
- Movement speed will stay constant after turning while sprint-flying in Creative mode
- Flying speed now stays constant while descending
- Mobs once again no longer spawn on carpet
- Baby animals will no longer take damage in boats
- Fixed the Marker on Treasure Maps disappearing when another player quits and rejoins a world
- Tridents can no longer be destroyed by explosions
- Tridents thrown into Soul Sand now land properly and no longer prevent Loyalty from working
- Tridents thrown underwater will no longer produce infinite bubbles
- The 'Sign In' button will now disappear from the main menu after signing in
- Using the '/spreadplayers' command will no longer set entities or players at y=255

PLEASE READ before participating in the Minecraft Beta:
You will not have access to Realms and will not be able to join non-beta players while you're previewing the beta
Xbox One and Windows 10 players can opt in and out of the beta from the Xbox Insider Hub app. Android players can opt in and out from the Minecraft page of the Google Play Store
Beta builds will likely be unstable and are not representative of final version quality. Please backup your Worlds before joining the beta
Finished releases may not include all changes and fixes from the beta to preserve stability and may slip to a later release
Report bugs to bugs.mojang.com and all feedback to feedback.minecraft.net

This beta features a whole ocean of new features from the upcoming Update Aquatic! These features are work in progress and more are on the way but we wanted to take the opportunity to get early feedback from players. If you find any bugs, please report them on bugs.mojang.com and post all thoughts and suggestions to feedback.minecraft.net. Thanks for playing!