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    Need some help with remaking Tumble

    Hi there! My name is Kostaki01, and today, I would like to announce that I will be making a new series which will take the three mini games from the legacy console editions, and convert them to bedrock using commands. I am going to start with remaking Tumble, due to it being the simplest minigame, and so the team can set the standerd for Battle and Glide, both being much more complex. I also want to build unique maps instead of copying 4j Studios’ maps. However, I am not much of a builder, and more of a technical person, so I need some builders, and a few programmers as well. I hope to see you on! Also, my gamertag is TarrierOlive5n.l

    I have lost interest in the project and Minecraft, so I will not be making this project. I just wanted some people to play Mimecraft with, but I do not think I am interested in the game. Anyone reading this can take the project to themselves without mentioning me in the crsdits. thank you. I might regain interest with the game but I will just have to wait.
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