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    ECKOCRAFT Enhanced Survival Server - 1.12+ (Survival, Sky-block, Creative)


    EKOCRAFT is a 1.12 Enhanced Survival Server We run tons custom enchants along with a unique skill levelling system as well as multiple game modes.

    - Unique World Generation -
    - Skills/RPG Features -
    - New World Dungeons -
    - Enchaned Hoppers, Anvils & Furnaces -


    - Skygrid Survival -
    - Skyblock Survival -
    - Creative Plots -
    - Survival Store -
    - Custom Portal Warps -

    EKOCRAFT is welcome to all players, the reason why this server is dedicated to Survival mainly is because eckosoldier is a Survival player. It's what he's always enjoyed It's also a place he gets to meet/play with fans during videos, livestreams and more! so if you have Minecraft PC come along I guarantee you'll make some new friends and have hours of fun

    Let's be honest if you've been playing Minecraft for a while you should know the basic server rules, if not read these as breaking them can cause you to be suspended or in some cases banned.

    1. No Griefing
    2. No Spamming
    3. No Advertising
    4. No Cursing
    5. No banned items
    6. No Asking For Op, Ranks or Items
    7. Respect all players
    8. Respect Staff
    9. No Racist Or Sexist Remarks
    10. No Hacks/Mods (Optifine is allowed)


    Purchase Ranks:

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    ecko, The server is down right now!

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