Find The Pressure Plate is a minigame in which you must find the pressure plate that's hidden in the level. It is literally the same as the popular Find The Button, but with pressure plates.

-The map features 10 unique levels, each with a unique theme, and an Extra Level which can be found by finding all 5 pressure plates hidden in the level selection lobby.
-There's also a hidden minigame called... Cave Game Minigame, in this minigame you have one minute to find and break the diamond ore.

How To Play:
Find The Pressure Plate is played by hunting down the pressure plate hidden in each level. Once you find it, step on it and you win!

Changelog for update (v1.1):

-Fixed a typo in one of the miners messages in which the miner's message displayed: 'Just a typing mining day' instead of 'Just a typical mining day'.

-Fixed some issues with Cave Game Minigame, in which once the timer was counting down from 3 to 1, if you won and tried to start a new game, it would display the 'Game Over' message.

-Added snowball, which allows players to go back to the level selection lobby, just incase they're tired of being stuck in a level.

Available Levels:

-Level 1: The Forest
-Level 2: The Cave
-Level 3: The Hot Desert
-Level 4: Snow Biome
-Level 5: The Nether
-Level 6: Cooling Down On The Beach
-Level 7: Candyland
-Level 8: The Wild Jungle
-Level 9: The Stronghold
-Level 10: The End
-Extra Level (Unlocked by finding all 5 pressure plates in the level selection lobby.)
-Cave Game Minigame (A hidden minigame in the level selection lobby in which you have 1 minute to find and break the diamond ore.)


Contact The Creator:

Twitter: @Examinedcat669

Xbox Live: (gamertag): Examinedcat669

Discord: (The Craft Club server: (Parkour Islands server: (Name & tag: Examinedcat669#7252)

Make sure to have fun and find all those pressure plates!