23rd September 2019
Minecraft News
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Craft yourself a new look on Windows 10, Android and Xbox One!

Hair! Skin! Left leg!

But first things first. Have you tried playing a Minecraft beta before? It’s where we test upcoming features of the game! To try these features, you have to play a version of Minecraft that supports betas (so that’s the Windows 10, Xbox One and Android versions). Learn how to sign up for a Minecraft beta on each version here. You can also find more help regarding this specific beta (and a list of all the added features!) on our feedback site.

Remember, beta features can be unstable. The reason we want players to try them early is to give us feedback and catch bugs for us to fix – so make sure to backup your worlds!

Now, let’s get back to this specific beta. The Character Creator is being developed for Minecraft Earth, but during the process we got so invested in endlessly designing our own weirdo hairdos, that this frequently requested feature was extended to the Bedrock version of the vanilla game. And here we are! The Character Creator is rolling out today in beta on select Bedrock platforms (again, that’s Windows 10, Xbox One and Android versions), which means you too can have a purple fauxhawk! The feature will also roll out to Minecraft Earth, as well as all other Bedrock platforms like iOS and Nintendo Switch, once the beta has concluded.

Using the Character Creator, you can personalise your avatar in a number of ways, including body size and shape, limb replacement and tweaking of eyes, mouth, hairstyles and colours, facial hair and skin tones. Does that mean you can create a character that looks just like you? Well, to the extent that your lovely looks translate to blocks and pixels, absolutely! What about a blue, grinning character with piercing red eyes and a bright green goatee? That sounds terrifying, but go ahead! You can even play around with animated textures in the Dressing Room, which is where you’ll get ready to hit the catwalk! Or, you know, to mine for dirt.

More than 100 features (including all hair, eyes, mouths, skin textures, facial hair, and body sizes) will be available for free. There will also be a range of custom accessories, created by the Minecraft team, available for purchase. Additionally, you will be able to take part in different Minecraft-related activities to earn free, unique accessories for your character.

With the new Character Creator available, are custom skins going away? Of course not! You still keep all the skins you’ve purchased, imported from Java (on a platform that allows for that), or otherwise collected. While you can’t bring classic skins into the Character Creator to further tweak them, there are two very notable exceptions here. You may know them, they go by the names of Steve and Alex. Feel free to start from either character, or a completely random character, to jolt your creativity.


It’s worth noting that the features of a newly created character are purely cosmetic and will not make you stronger, faster or able to smell diamonds. Speaking of something purely cosmetic (yet in very high-demand!), you may be reading all of this, hyperventilating ever so slightly, and thinking to yourself “CAPES CAPES CAPES”! And yes indeed, the Character Creator will allow us to issue capes to Bedrock players in the future! We have some fun plans for this, so stay tuned.


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