Minecraft 1.15 Update Releases Tomorrow

9th December 2019
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As 2019 comes to an end, it’s time for Minecraft to see it’s final update of the year. This years Holiday Update comes with Bees, Hives, Nests, Honey block and much more. The year 2020 already has Minecraft players excited for the future of the game.

Today we have the final pre-release in preparation for the update to release tomorrow on Minecraft Java Edition. Below is all the pre-release versions with all changes.


A Minecraft Java Pre-Release

Buzzy Bees! What a delightful bit of alliteration. Someone should use that for when they add bees to their game. Unfortunately, we already promised marketing we’d call this Minecraft Java Edition presents: Disgusting Bugs.

What’s that? I’m hearing marketing have had a change of heart, and that we can confirm in this pre-release that we’ll be calling the actual release, on December 10, Buzzy Bees. Hooray! 

Edit: We’ve now released the sixth and most likely final pre-release. 


  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-163270 – Sign in sign editing GUI is too dark
  • MC-163979 – Entities (including items) get slowed down by soul sand even when not sunken into the block
  • MC-166756 – Plains Village Tree leaves are MUCH bigger then normal.


  • Increased size limit for client downloading resource packs from 50MB to 100MB
  • Fixed crashes
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-104818 – No value for argument in options.txt not correctly parsed (Skipping bad option: lastServer:)
  • MC-117449 – options.txt is read and written with default OS encoding
  • MC-151173 – Stream used to read options.txt file never closed
  • MC-153698 – Jumping on a boat in water for a while causes you to accumulate fall damage
  • MC-158870 – Debug diagram does not allow stepping into profiler segments
  • MC-164691 – Debug pie graph is rendered incorrectly
  • MC-166865 – The game crashed whilst initializing gameError: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: MALFORMED
  • MC-167074 – Enchantment Table book in UI is dark
  • MC-167080 – Resource pack move up missing


  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-81970 – Rotating armor stand causes shaking base plate
  • MC-103800 – Sometimes armor stands won’t update their visual rotation
  • MC-125638 – Ignited TNT block create entity offset at high coordinates
  • MC-155520 – Repeaters do not update properly
  • MC-157426 – Command outputs which should be sorted don’t get sorted
  • MC-161394 – Skeleton and wither skeleton skull inside textures are invisible
  • MC-161888 – Enchantment tables do not track the player correctly at high distances from the world origin
  • MC-161993 – Floating point precision error: Conduit particles are attracted to conduit incorrectly at high distances
  • MC-161999 – Floating point precision error: Particles emitted by end gateways gravitate to a point that loses precision at high coordinates
  • MC-164704 – Rendering issue with honey and slime blocks when viewed from under glass
  • MC-165704 – Sky color no longer changes with biome or height
  • MC-165977 – Explosions combine block drops and drop them at the wrong location
  • MC-166047 – Tamed wolves attack tamed parrots
  • MC-166300 – Pandas sometimes attack players trying to breed them
  • MC-166667 – Item frames are not rendered behind unexplored portions of maps
  • MC-166716 – Tridents and shields are rendered too dark in the inventory
  • MC-166800 – Removing items from an armor stand with DisabledSlots causes a visual bug
  • MC-167000 – Player model in inventory inverts lighting when some items are in hotbar


  • Tweaked chunk loading and rendering performance further
  • Made text colors on signs match how they looked in previous versions
  • Made sure foxes are not players
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-27287 – Baby wolfs spawn hurt
  • MC-63720 – Banners don’t move in wind when over certain “Time” value of the level.dat
  • MC-155616 – Shulkers in boats disappear after entering end gateways
  • MC-161144 – Baby ocelots don’t spawn naturally
  • MC-162518 – Blocks in the inventory are no longer shaded properly
  • MC-162590 – Enchantment glint blur renders rough
  • MC-163270 – Sign in sign editing GUI is too dark
  • MC-163397 – Arrow projectile lighting is incorrect
  • MC-163946 – Tridents with one durability remaining can be thrown
  • MC-164342 – Barrels don’t generate LootTable when broken
  • MC-164792 – Underlined text in chat is not underlined
  • MC-165203 – Semi-transparent pixels on skin’s outer layer renders wrongly in inventory model
  • MC-165212 – Snow can be placed on top of fully grown wheat
  • MC-165550 – Ligthing of slimes and magma cubes becomes dark when they land to the ground
  • MC-165707 – Taming wolf don’t turn 20 health
  • MC-165957 – Block hitboxes are rendered transparent again
  • MC-165971 – TNT in a Minecart with TNT is offset
  • MC-165975 – Water does not properly connect to itself
  • MC-166025 – Hotbar is almost completely opaque
  • MC-166063 – Projectile entities are flipped backwards
  • MC-166110 – Honeycomb item has random transparent pixels
  • MC-166171 – Shields are not rendered correctly
  • MC-166198 – Dispenser dispenses two wither skeleton skulls istead of one if a mob or a player is right next to it
  • MC-166312 – Loom UI pattern icons are too dark
  • MC-166333 – Horse Jump is odd with Elytra
  • MC-166374 – Enchantment glint does not show on items outside of the player’s inventory or in third-person mode
  • MC-166376 – Ender chests are invisible
  • MC-166386 – The player is pushed away when he is at the edge of a block of farmland, grass path or soul sand
  • MC-166389 – Silverfish suffocate inside of soul sand
  • MC-166411 – “Edit Server Info” window closes itself when clicking on text fields
  • MC-166419 – Trident can be shot through the closed shulker, wither, ender dragon and invulnerable mobs
  • MC-166508 – Glitchy chunk rendering is back
  • MC-166535 – Armor Stands rotation and position visual bug
  • MC-166585 – Banners don’t have a breaking animation again
  • MC-166684 – Trying to Hold Tab key while at the Multiplayer section makes the game crash


  • Tweaked chunked loading performance calculations
  • Setting the respawn point by using a bed now shows a message
  • Added stats for anvil and grindstone interaction counts
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-19413 – Horse tries to “finish” pathfinding when you interrupt it by riding it
  • MC-33285 – Summoning slimes with custom maxHealth attributes does not work
  • MC-83003 – Barrier particle not visible if barrier block is in offhand
  • MC-83051 – Spectral/Potion arrows/Channeling tridents apply effect to Endermen
  • MC-94421 – Shooting an enderman with a bow and arrow or trident will play arrow or trident collision sound and subtitles
  • MC-94491 – Pressing ESC in world settings returns to main menu instead of world list
  • MC-124280 – Using fire charges on TNT in creative mode consumes the fire charge
  • MC-129781 – The trident will hit the ground after hitting the enderman
  • MC-147865 – Elder Guardian particle is displayed too high (over the player’s head)
  • MC-155591 – Foxes can spawn in giant spruce taiga, but not in giant tree taiga
  • MC-157212 – Trusted fox hostile AI seems to be broken. Foxes ONLY defend players from mobs that shoot arrows, but ignores mobs that uses melee attacks and projectile entites that are not arrows.
  • MC-162531 – Player sneaks while sleeping if there’s a lantern two blocks above the bed
  • MC-163234 – Flying near the top of honey blocks/soul sand in creative slows down flight speed
  • MC-163411 – All entities but players and items do not produce particles when sliding down honey blocks
  • MC-163665 – Cooldown overlay is solid white
  • MC-163776 – Items thrown at the side of a Honey block will keep their horizontal trajectory despite slower speed
  • MC-163942 – Name tag in mini horse inventory model doesn’t billboard properly
  • MC-163944 – Honey block particles are always produced at the player’s feet
  • MC-164163 – Glowing mobs stop glowing when invisible
  • MC-164368 – Travelling back from Nether creates a new portal in a random location.
  • MC-164706 – Nausea effect makes breaking animation render incorrectly
  • MC-165242 – Hand animation is shown when trying to use a fire charge in water
  • MC-165515 – Smooth lighting does not work for beds and double chests
  • MC-165586 – Creeper and lit TNT flashing is different than before
  • MC-165959 – Something completly breaks texture packs
  • MC-166004 – Getting too close to an end gateway causes the game to crash
  • MC-166068 – Default texture minecraft:entity/conduit/open_eye causing mipmap to drop from 4 to 3 when using Programmer Art texture pack
  • MC-166097 – The maximum height of 1*1 jungle tree becomes 10 instead of 12


  • Changed the button highlight to make it easier to distinguish which button is selected
  • Optimized chunk rendering
  • Optimized explosions
  • Recipe changes to match Minecraft Bedrock
  • Updates to the Resource pack format
  • Dark prismarine is now crafted from black dye instead of ink sacs
  • Increased scaffolding burn time when used as fuel in a furnace
  • The resource pack version is now 5
  • The game now tries to make out of date resource packs work as much as possible
  • Fixed bugs


  • MC-12211 – Comparator in subtraction mode does not update visually under certain conditions
  • MC-14826 – Leads in unloaded chunks break, become invisible or connect to an invisible target far away
  • MC-63669 – Comparator Timing Issue
  • MC-90602 – Chunks don’t load correctly/not rendering
  • MC-94838 – Comparator affected through gap
  • MC-125495 – Owner tag of item entities is ignored if entity is destroyed in 200 ticks (Age >= 5800)
  • MC-125511 – Item entity merging ignores Owner tag
  • MC-135110 – Crash when using outdated resource pack: Non [a-z0-9/._-] character in path of location
  • MC-152198 – Actual render distance is 2 chunks lower than render distance setting
  • MC-161132 – Leaves are considered solid faces for block placement
  • MC-161900 – Advancement menu background is rendered in front of toasts
  • MC-163308 – Pillagers still spawning in trees in 1.14.4
  • MC-163553 – Dragon texture flickering issue
  • MC-163560 – Berry bushes no longer slow down the player
  • MC-163745 – Dramatic speed up after falling through cobweb
  • MC-163947 – When mobs sliding down honey blocks, the subtitles will show footsteps
  • MC-163953 – /fill command doesn’t create block entities for all bocks
  • MC-164076 – Transparent texture parts of invisible entities are rendered black when looking at them in spectator mode
  • MC-164535 – /playsound uses wrong feedback message for multiple targets
  • MC-165133 – Ignited TNT appears offset one block to the west
  • MC-165134 – Entities are rendered too dark when in the ground
  • MC-165154 – Entities riding boats, minecarts or other entities are rendered too dark when their hitbox intersects solid blocks
  • MC-165155 – Block hitboxes no longer render behind transparent blocks
  • MC-165156 – Transparent block items no longer render behind transparent blocks
  • MC-165173 – Bees immediately enter their nests/hives after leaving them
  • MC-165298 – Entities are rendered too dark when standing on soul sand or snow layers
  • MC-165358 – Entities are sometimes rendered too dark when changing heights
  • MC-165497 – Programmer art shield pattern textures have not been updated to the new resource pack format
  • MC-165524 – Zombie pigman spawn eggs used on zombie pigmen do not spawn baby zombie pigmen
  • MC-165527 – Item of advancement pop up is visible on text in the advancement menu
  • MC-165550 – Ligthing of slimes and magma cubes becomes dark when they land to the ground
  • MC-165605 – Command starting with / in command block shows error but still works
  • MC-165606 – “Bee Our Guest” advancement is only triggered when more then one bottle is in the players hand while right clicking the hive
  • MC-165627 – Falling blocks glitch through shulkers when the shulker is opening / closing
  • MC-165676 – Aquatic mobs don’t move below sea level
  • MC-165727 – Falling blocks on top of non-full block without block below do not break
  • MC-165876 – Sand particles don’t have gravity anymore


To install the pre-release, open up the Minecraft Launcher and enable snapshots in the “Installations” tab.

Pre-releases can corrupt your world, please backup and/or run them in a different folder from your main worlds.

Cross-platform server jar:

Report bugs here:

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