Minecraft Earth Spotted Pig Mob Added – Update 0.16.0 Released

15th April 2020
Minecraft News
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That’s right, another Minecraft Earth update – Released to the Minecraft world is the update version 0.16.0. This version let’s you share builds via links so you can see what friends or even random people around the world have built with no consequences of ruining builds. Minecraft Earth has also introduced a new mob the spotted pig

Found as a rare mob when collecting pig tappable

Minecraft Earth R16 Patch Notes – April 14, 2020 

New Stuff! 

  • Show off your incredible creations to your friends with Buildplate sharing! They’ll be able to view your Buildplate in Play Mode, either tabletop or life size, which means they can interact, break blocks, and build but the changes they make won’t be permanently saved.
  • New Adventures have been added to the mix!  
  • After activating an Adventure Crystal, you’ll now automatically be taken to a preview panel. The calm before the storm! 

New Mobs! 

  • We’re introducing a new Mob variant that’s absolutely PIG-ture perfect! The Spotted Pig can now be spotted in Tappables, so be on the lookout. 

Bug Fixes! 

  • Mobs are making a splash! We’ve added back the splash sounds Mobs make when in the water. 
  • It’s a DRY heat! Desert Rabbits now show was yellow instead of brown in Buildplate preview. 
  • Hey there all you cool cats and kittens, Ocelots no longer wait to attack Chickens. 
  • That Iron Golem… what a knockout! We’ve reduced the Melon Golem’s knockback so they won’t push mobs as far as before. 
  • The Melon Golem’s face will now go back to a neutral state after a targeted mob has been killed or returned to inventory. ? 
  • An Uncommon and a Rare Adventure were giving the wrong Adventure chest rewards, these have now been fixed! EPIC! 
  • We’ve added an error message in case an Adventure Crystal activation fails so you’ll stay on the Adventure Crystal screen. 

Et Cetera! 

  • We’ve made performance improvements that should improve the game experience for most devices! 

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