Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta & Preview:

25th May 2023
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Posted: 25 May 2023

Information on the Minecraft Preview and Beta:

  • These work-in-progress versions can be unstable and may not be representative of final version quality
  • Minecraft Preview is available on Xbox, Windows 10/11, and iOS devices. More information can be found at aka.ms/PreviewFAQ
  • The beta is available on Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see aka.ms/JoinMCBeta for detailed instructions.

Features and Bug Fixes

Accessibility Features

  • Improved Xbox On-Screen Keyboard experience including better positioning, updating fields with typed input and no more screen dimming while on screen keyboard is open (MCPE-156575)

Sneak and Crawl (Experimental)

  • Added the ability to crawl behind the Short Sneaking and Crawling Experimental toggle
  • Created new player crawling animation
  • Players will now begin crawling when in a 1 block gap, similar to sneaking
  • Crawling is the same speed as sneaking
  • Players will automatically stand up or begin sneaking if they leave the 1 block gap
  • Players will begin swimming if they enter water while crawling, or vice-versa
  • Player’s model is now centered around their hitbox when swimming (MCPE-54294)
  • Players are no longer able to sneak while riding (MCPE-170613)
  • Players will now always spawn projectiles from the camera position when sneaking, swimming, or gliding
  • Players will now spawn particle effects when eating in the correct position if they are sneaking, swimming, or gliding
  • Loyalty Tridents will always return to the player’s camera
  • Players will no longer suffocate when short sneaking in certain scenarios
  • Players will no longer suffocate when riding on a Camel in 2 block gaps (MCPE-166451)
  • Players will no longer be pushed slightly when short sneaking is by being pushed by a block (MCPE-166411)
  • Fixed many interactions where being forced into sneaking acted the same as holding the sneak button (MCPE-170610)

World Generation

  • Polished Basalt and Chiseled Deepslate can no longer be replaced by Sculk during world generation
  • Polished Deepslate can now be replaced by Sculk during world generation (MCPE-160238)


  • Farmer Villagers will now interact with Torchflower Seeds and Pitcher Pods. They can pick up the seeds and plant them, but they will not harvest the Torchflower or Pitcher Crop (MCPE-169758)


  • Decorated Pots crafted with at least one Sherd now have a hover tooltip displaying the Sherd and Brick ingredients


  • Camera position is now used for audio system listening and ambient sounds
    • Previously the player position and rotation were sometimes used for audio listening
    • This effectively flips audio panning when using ‘third person front’ camera perspective


  • Players without permission to open/close containers can no longer interact with Chiseled Bookshelves
  • Cauldron water texture is now the correct version (MCPE-170427)
  • Note Block on top of Soul Soil now produces the Harp sound instead of the Snare sound
  • Shovel can no longer mine Packed Mud as fast as Pickaxe (MCPE-161207)
  • Placing blocks on Top Snow and Tall Grass while moving side to side will no longer cause them to stack up continuously (MCPE-162785)


  • Fixed issues with highlighted blocks and mob shadows appearing through the Pumpkin head overlay on Switch
  • Rendering of snow or rain is now based on camera position instead of player position
  • Shields no longer flicker when held in both hands on RTX
  • Fixed sleep and camera fade effect not covering the screen until after first-person rendering happens


  • Fixed black pixels being generated on maps when Client-Side Chunk Generation is enabled


  • The sound played when a Camel is dashing is no longer played repeatedly (MCPE-164064)
  • Fixed issue with Jump Boost effect not affecting Magma Cubes (MCPE-54294)

User Interface

  • Added a toggle to all platforms enabling extra-large GUI scaling beyond what the GUI slider allows
  • Changed the Pause Menu disconnection text to be platform agnostic
  • Fixed an issue that caused the inventory to get locked up after auto placing (MCPE-46795)
  • Imported worlds now get their last played date modified to the time they were imported

Vanilla Parity

  • Items dropped by storage entities are now centered inside the nearest block (MCPE-160189)
  • Shovel has been removed from Boat recipe
    • The Bamboo Raft recipe has not been updated yet
  • Barrel recipe has been modified to use planks instead of Sticks
  • The Cobweb to String recipe has been removed
  • Fixed a bug where Zombie Villager did not drop given item after curing (MCPE-163670)
  • Wild Horses, Mules, and Donkeys can now be tempted using a Golden Apple/Carrot or Enchanted Apple. Llamas will be tempted by a player holding a Hay Bale (MCPE-140814)


  • Placing, rotating, or removing an item in an Item Frame or in a Glow Item Frame now emits vibrations (MCPE-166741)
  • Charging a Respawn Anchor now emits vibrations (MCPE-157409)
  • Scraping or applying wax to blocks of the Copper block set now emits vibrations
  • Switching a Daylight Detector to an Inverted Daylight Detector, or vice-versa, now emits vibrations
  • Adding food to a Campfire now emits vibrations
  • Adding or removing a Music Disc to a Jukebox now emits vibrations
  • Mud turning into Clay now emits vibrations
  • Harvesting Sweet Berries now emits vibrations
  • Placing an Eye of Ender in an End Portal Frame now emits vibrations (MCPE-155372)
  • Bees now emit vibrations when entering or exiting a Beehive or a Bee Nest (MCPE-156199)
  • Interacting with a Composter now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Attaching or detaching a Lead from a Fence now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Attaching or detaching a Lead from a mob now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Dying a Sheep now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Picking Glow Berries now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Farmland turning into Dirt now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Using a Spawn Egg on a Monster Spawner now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Silverfish merging with blocks now emit vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Using a Hoe on Rooted Dirt now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Using a Shovel to create Dirt Paths now emits vibrations (MCPE-156199)
  • Placing a Door now emits vibrations
  • Planting seeds in Farmland now emits vibrations

Technical Updates

Add-Ons and Script Engine

  • Added deprecation error message for the part_visibilitycomponent (the bone_visibility field in the geometry component should be used instead, see block documentation for more information)
  • Fixed an issue where adding a minecraft:peekcomponent to a custom entity would cause the game to crash


  • Updated the “minecraft:geometry” block component to allow bone visibility to be defined with a Molang expression


  • Executing the “inputpermission set” command will now output a message to the chat with the results (MCPE-168368)
  • Executing the “inputpermission set” command will now result in an error if it does not affect any players
  • Command positions will now use the current position/rotation when running mcfunctions via execute
  • Fixed issue where some execute commands stopped working on Realms (MCPE-169974)
  • The “hasitem” target selector argument now counts items held with the cursor (MCPE-152002)
  • Commands will still work with “concrete”, but “concrete” won’t be suggested in the command prompt, rather the new names will
    • “concrete” block is now split into unique instances, namely “white_concrete”, “orange_concrete”, “magenta_concrete”, “light_blue_concrete”, “yellow_concrete”, “lime_concrete”, “pink_concrete”, “gray_concrete”, “light_gray_concrete”, “cyan_concrete”, “purple_concrete”, “blue_concrete”, “brown_concrete”, “green_concrete”, “red_concrete”, and “black_concrete”
  • Java Parity: Block states in commands will use equals instead of colon in version 1.20.0 and later. For example using the setblock command: /setblock ~ ~ ~ oak_log[“pillar_axis”=”x”] (MCPE-168056)
  • Block states with equals don’t require a space to show autocomplete options (MCPE-168056)


  • Added a content error when minecraft:balloonable is used on minecraft:player to prevent issues as this component is not supported in this way (MCPE-164495)


The Editor is in early development, and available for keyboard/mouse on Windows PC Bedrock Preview builds. Learn how to use the Editor and join the GitHub Discussion forum, post bugs, view more detailed release notes. Tag us on social channels with #BedrockEditor.

  • Resolved an issue where the selection cursor was causing the glass block to render invisible
  • Added Log Panel for Tool mode to display log messages. It can be accessed from the Viewmenu or by using the CTRL+H shortcut
  • Fixed a bug that prevented additional servers to be added from Servers Tab in Editor mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused the gizmo to be hidden in Crosshair Mode


  • Released the minecraft:cooldown item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.10 and higher
  • Released the minecraft:repairable item component out of experimental in json formats 1.20.10 and higher

Stability and Performance

  • Invalid JSON objects within the entity component “minecraft:behavior.nearest_attackable_target” will no longer crash the game (MCPE-168129)

Experimental Technical Features

Add-Ons and Script Engine

  • Camera Presets can now specify “listener”:”player” to have the audio system use the player position for audio positioning
    • Added “example:example_player_listener” Camera Preset to demonstrate this option


  • Items with the “minecraft:block_placer” component will now place blocks with correct orientation


  • Dynamic properties can now optionally have default values
  • Increased Dynamic Property registration limits:
    • Actors: ~1KB -> 128KB
    • World: ~10KB -> 1MB
  • ScreenDisplay
    • Removed clearTitle()– Use setTitle with an empty string to clear the title
    • Updated fadeInSeconds, staySeconds, fadeOutSecondsto fadeInDuration, stayDuration, fadeOutDuration on TitleDisplayOptions (seconds to ticks)
    • Updated setTitle to reset the times per each new title
    • Added RawMessage support for setTitleupdateSubtitle, and setActionBar
  • Entity additions
    • Added read-only property isGliding– Returns whether the player is gliding with Elytra
    • Added read-only property isJumping– Returns whether the player is using the jump action
    • Added read-only property isFlying– Returns whether the player is flying (e.g. Creative or Spectator mode)
    • Added read-only property isSprinting– Returns whether the entity is sprinting
    • Added read-only property isSwimming– Returns whether the entity is swimming
    • Added read-only property isClimbing– Returns whether the entity is climbing (e.g. Player on a ladder or Spider on a wall)
    • Added read-only property isOnGround– Returns whether the entity is on the ground
    • Added read-only property isInWater– Returns whether the entity is in water
    • Added read-only property isFalling– Returns whether the entity is falling
    • Added read-only property fallDistance– Returns the current fall distance (Used for calculating fall damage)
    • Added function fly– Makes the player fly (e.g. Creative or Spectator mode)
    • Added function stopFlying– Makes the player stop flying (e.g. Creative or Spectator mode)
    • Added function glide– Makes the player glide with Elytra
    • Added function stopGliding– Makes the player stop gliding with Elytra
    • Added function swim– Makes the player swim
    • Added function stopSwimming– Makes the player stop swimming
  • Entity additions (effects)
    • Updated function addEffect(effectType: EffectType | string, duration: number, options?: EntityEffectOptions): voidto return void and to throw if the effect does not exist or the parameters are out of bounds
    • Updated function getEffect(effectType: EffectType | string): Effect | undefinedto throw if the effect does not exist
    • Updated function removeEffect(effectType: EffectType | string): booleanto throw if the effect does not exist
  • BlockEvents
    • Added events ‘PressurePlatePushEvent’‘PressurePlatePopEvent’‘TargetBlockHitEvent’, and ‘TripWireTripEvent’
  • ContainerSlot
    • Removed function clone– Please use function getItem instead
  • EntityHealableComponent
    • Removed filters: FilterGroupproperty
  • EntityAttributeComponent
    • Added effectiveMin: number Returns the minimum possible value for the component
    • Added effectiveMax: number Return the maximum possible value for the component
    • Renamed valueproperty to defaultValue
    • Renamed currentproperty to currentValue
    • Renamed setCurrentmethod to setCurrentValue
  • Added EntityHealthChangedAfterEvent. It is triggered when any health change happens for an Entity


  • Changed camera command fade color to take integer values from 0 to 255 rather than 0.0 to 1.0 fractional values
  • Camera fade command now enforces fade duration limits; fade in, hold, and fade out must be between 0 and 10 seconds
  • Ensuring camera pitch can only be between -90 and 90 degrees when using the /camera command
  • Fixed an issue where Minecraft Education players could not use the “/give” command to give a Camera item


  • Items in format version 1.20.10 and above with the ”minecraft:throwable” component will trigger Item Use events when thrown
  • Custom items with “minecraft:block_placer” will no longer place certain blocks in the wrong location
  • Changed “minecraft:shooter” to only consume ammo when charging the item if “charge_on_draw” is set “true

source: https://feedback.minecraft.net/hc/en-us/articles/16116960508813

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