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Minecraft Combat Update V5 Test

During the start of 2019, Jeb announced he wanted to make changes to combat in Minecraft once again. Today we have version 5 of testing for these changes and improvements – He has outlined that he is taking control of this update and it will not release until both him and the community are happy… Read more »

Minecraft Earth 0.10.0 Update Released

It looks like the Minecraft Earth development team are starting 2020 with a brand new update, this update fixes bugs and crashes but also introduces some new game-play features. The Minecraft Earth team have added new adventures for players to explore, purchasable store content and more. Below are all the changes and introductions. Minecraft Earth… Read more »


New year, new beta build. Released to the community recently was beta version this once again focuses on bug fixes, crashes and stability – There is no news as to when the Nether Update beta and snapshots will start. PLEASE READ before participating in the Minecraft Beta: Joining the beta will replace your game… Read more »

Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock 1.14.1 Released

Looks like a double release this week for Minecraft bedrock, we have as a beta build but as a full release we also have 1.14.1 – This is currently available for Bedrock platforms (iOS, Android, Windows 10, Xbox, Switch & PS4) so check your platforms store to access the download. Minecraft – 1.14.1 (Bedrock)… Read more »


Another beta has release for Minecraft Pocket Edition/Bedrock, this is the Beta build – Betas are only for Android, Windows 10 & Xbox One bedrock players. Below are all the changes you’ll find in this version of Minecraft, with 2019 coming to an end we look forward to 1.15 Beta versions and would like… Read more »

Minecraft FREE Map Download For ALL Bedrock Users

Time to celebrate Minecraft BEES! In case you did not know already, Bees are the latest, coolest, fuzziest mobs in the game – Available for Minecraft Java Edition & ALL Bedrock platforms. To celebrate Minecraft are giving us a FREE Map for a limited time, it doesn’t happen often so make the most of it…. Read more »