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5 best Minecraft mods for new bosses in 2022

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If there's one thing Minecraft is missing, it's bosses. Mojang's popular sandbox game lacks menacing bosses that players can fight and overcome.

There's a final boss in the Ender Dragon, which represents the end of the game and is supposed to be the biggest challenge. There's also the Wither, which can be spawned at almost any time and is arguably more dangerous than the Ender Dragon. However, the list ends there.

Mojang curiously elected not to make the Warden a boss when they added it in version 1.19, even though it's stronger than the Ender Dragon and all other mobs.

One way to fix the lack of bosses in Minecraft is to use add-ons or mods that introduce new ones.

1.Cracker's Witherstorm Mod

The Witherstorm is one of the most fearsome and bizarre entities in the entire world of Minecraft.

The mob debuted in Story Mode but is not in vanilla Minecraft. Fortunately, it can be added to the game, thanks to Cracker's Witherstorm Mod.


CyclopsTek introduces a fearsome new boss called the Cyclops. It is ideal for players who like playing vanilla Minecraft and want a mod that adds a boss to the game.

The Cyclops is a strong creature. It can slam its club down with tremendous force or attack from the front and send players flying. It can even shoot a laser beam from its eye.

3. Bosses of Mass Destruction

Bosses of Mass Destruction is the epitome of boss mods. It adds four new bosses to the game for an incredible experience.

The Night Litch sits in towers in cold biomes, while the Nether Gaunlet is found in Nether pits. Also Read High School Football Live

The Obsidilith is located in rare structures in the end islands. The Void Blossom, on the other hand, lives in a chamber in the lush cave biome.

4.Mutant Creatures

Mutant Creatures features buffed up versions of Minecraft's mobs, which are bigger and stronger than their normal counterparts. For example, the mod introduces a massive deformed zombie, which is a thing of nightmares. Each mob drops an item for the player when killed.

This mod provides a lot of new mobs for players to fight in Minecraft. However, it also honors the game by basing the mods on the original versions.

5. Ice and Fire

Ice and Fire has been one of the most popular Minecraft mods for a long time. It completely revamps the mobs and bosses in the game.

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