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MCPE/Bedrock OP Starter Kit

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OP Starter Kit

Wouldn't you love to load into a new Minecraft world where someone left you a Shulker Box stuffed with OP gear and supplies? That's exactly what I did for you in this world! Every player that joins the world will be able to claim the starter kit. Achievements are enabled.


This is a basic survival world buuuut, I put together a starter kit of supplies and gear for you to use. You will spawn in floating high above the ground on a giant skyblock I have made(Spoiler alert: There are no ores in the Skyblock, it is made of stone dirt and grass). 

Most gear enchanted to level 50. Be careful not to lose this as it is your one set, every player that joins your world will be able to claim the gift one time.

I have added 2 buttons on the left and center to toggle keep inventory so that you will never lose your gear if this is a worry for you. The button on the far right will give the OP starter kit.

I have included 9 Netherite Ingots in case you wish to upgrade from diamond to netherite gear right away. This will allow some to have diamond gear and others netherite depending on your preference.

Achievements are enabled.

The Death Count can be viewed from the pause menu

-Creeper Defense-

Creepers will not destroy blocks in this world!

-Sleep System-

The one player sleep system in the world allows for a single person to skip the night with multiple players online by standing on top of a bed and selecting the sleep option. This will skip the night and reset Phantom spawns. Make sure to fully stand on the bed before selecting the sleep option.

I hope you guys enjoy this map and feel free to leave any helpful tips on how I might improve it!

You may share this map with anyone for any Non-profit purposes, all that I ask is that if you share this map that I am given credit as the creator. Please don't steal my work and say it's yours.

Follow on twitter for updates about maps and future project ideas @Mr_Green_Games.

Topic starter Posted : 04/05/2021 12:26 pm