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MCPE/Bedrock Zelda Majoras Mask Map for Minecraft Bedrock

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Zelda Majoras Mask Map for Minecraft Bedrock


This is a Zelda Majoras Mask for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (MCPE, Pocket edition) This map has 10 hidden chests that you must find as the only gameplay each of these chests contains items that can be from Zelda or from Minecraft itself

This map uses polygons (poly_mesh)
All models are fromModels Resource Majoras Mask
This map is a recreation of Zelda Majoras Mask's Clock Town map, using models from that game, so yeahno cubes
The map in total weighs approximately30mb
The map includes someswords, shields and masksfrom Zelda Ocarina of time and Zelda Majoras Mask
Includes 2 npc, Happy Sales Man and a Tektite (The spider thing)

Can you find all 10 secret chests?

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ClockTown (inside)
The interior of the ClockTown tower 

Has 1 secret chest

ClockTown (South)
The center of ClockTown

Has 3 secret chests

ClockTown (North)
The ClockTown Courtyard

Has 2 secret chests

ClockTown (Weast)
In this place are located some of the ClockTown stores, these stores are not accessible in the current version of the map

Has 1 secret chests

ClockTown (East)
One of the main parts of ClockTown

Has 3 secret chests


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