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MCPE/Bedrock Basic Machinery

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Basic Machinery

This addon adds 6 new machines to your world which can be used to help automate the production of certain items. 4 of the machines require power and 2 of them produce power.

Machine Types

  • Solar Panel – Slowly generates power for free
  • Combustion Generator – Generates power using coal on it
  • Drill – Breaks blocks below when powered
  • Void Miner – Generates ores when powered
  • Auto Farmer – Generates food when powered
  • Crusher – Crushes cobblestone above it into ores when powered


When you craft the machines they come in a barrel, simply break the barrel to set up the machine. They will all appear in your ingame crafting menu.

Transferring Power

When glass is placed next to a power generator, the power will be put onto the glass. The glass will then transfer the power like a cable

Conveyor Belts

Glazed magenta terracotta will transfer items in the direction it is facing



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