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MCPE/Bedrock Convert Query To Tag Addon!

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Convert Query To Tag Addon!

Hello creators! This add-on allows you to handle entity queries with the /tag command. You won't have to put a lot of command blocks and armor stands anymore! Future updates may increase the number of queries that can be handled.


Tags list

Common tags

  • is_moving

The player's coordinates are changing.

  • is_alive

The player is alive.

  • is_breathing

The player's head is in the air. Always true on land and in creative mode.

  • is_gliding

The player is flying in elytra.

  • is_in_water

The player's feet are submerged in water.

  • is_invisible

The player is invisible.

  • is_jumping

The player is jumping or pressing a key for jumping.

  • is_on_ground

The player's feet are on the ground.

  • is_on_fire

The player is on fire.

  • is_riding

The player is on something. e.g. horse and minecart.

  • is_selected_item

The player is holding some item in right hand.

  • is_using_item

The player is using item. e.g. charging bow, the moment of using a fishing rod, and eating food.

  • is_sleeping

The player is sleeping.

  • is_sneaking

The player is sneaking.

  • is_sprinting

The player is sprinting or pressing a key for sprinting.

  • is_swimming

The player is swimming.

  • item_is_charged

The crossbow in the player's hand is fully charged.

  • last_hit_by_player

The last damage taken by a player is by the player. This includes self-inflicted damage.

Direction tags

・3d direction

Any one of these is always true.

  • 3d_facing_down
  • 3d_facing_up
  • 3d_facing_north
  • 3d_facing_south
  • 3d_facing_west
  • 3d_facing_east

・2d direction

Any one of these is always true.

  • 2d_facing_north
  • 2d_facing_south
  • 2d_facing_west
  • 2d_facing_east

How to use

Write them in a target selector of the command you want to use.

 e.g.1 /testfor @a[tag=is_gliding]

Detects players flying in elytra.

 e.g.2 /kill @a[tag=3d_facing_up]

Kills the player facing up.

Note: It is not possible to edit the tag of a dead player. Therefore, such a command may cause the kill to be repeated in some cases. To prevent this, please add another argument.


Get health value by scoreboard

When the health value is between 0 and 20, the value is set in the "health_value" of the scoreboard.

Or, if the health value is 21 or more, the tag "health_21_more" will be given.

Absorption effect hearts are not counted.

e.g. /effect @a[scores={"health_value"=..4}] regeneration 5 5

  Rapidly heals when the player has 2 or less hearts remaining.


To visualize the scoreboard, run "/scoreboard objectives setdisplay ~~".


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