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MCPE/Bedrock Elemental Weapons (BETA)

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Elemental Weapons (BETA)

This addon adds 7 new elemental weapons(survival compatible), each weapon has a special ability. To use the ability long press on mobile, right click on pc, or right trigger for console. Some of the swords also give you extra health. This is the beta version of my addon I am working on a big update for the full first version it will have 10+ weapons with a feature to upgrade the weapons abilities and mobs for each element.



Fire Sword

Ability: Heatwave

The ability Heatwave summons fire in a 5x5 range when used, the ability also gives you fire resistance for 5 seconds so you don’t get burned.


Earth Sword

Ability: Earth Shield

The ability earth shield summons a small 5x5 dome of dirt around you when used.

Ice Sword

Ability: Ice Pillar

The Ice pillar ability summons a 4 block tall pillar of ice under you.


Water Sword

Ability: Water Breathe

Nothing special about this ability when you hold the sword in your hand you can breathe under water(I plan on changing this in the next update)

Lightning Sword

Ability: Lightning Bolt

The ability Lightning Bolt summons lightning around you when used, it also gives you fire resistance so you don’t get burned(it does still damage you I’ll fix that in the next update)

Wind Sword

Ability: Dash

The ability dash gives you super speed for 8 seconds when used.

Dark Sword

Ability: Vanish

The ability vanish blinds everyone in a 10 block range for 5 seconds and gives you invisibility for 5 seconds, It also summons bats(itachi uchiha reference)

The white thing used to craft the elemental shards is a ghast tear. Comment if you have any ideas for the next update(for the abilities and mobs



Changed the featured image

Fixed the fire move to give you fire resistance



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Topic starter Posted : 17/05/2021 5:59 pm