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MCPE/Bedrock Ice Warrior: Refrigerated (Soldiers and Storms Part 1)

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Ice Warrior: Refrigerated (Soldiers and Storms Part 1)


After 3 long years of inactivity, the Ice Warrior is back in action for a new update! 

This will be a total revamp of the add-on, with new models, animations, textures, and of course, a brand new Ice Warrior! As the name suggests, this add-on introduces a new boss to the game: the Ice Warrior, a difficult and icy boss, together with other mobs and features in updates to come.


Ice Warrior

As the main feature of this add-on, the Ice Warrior is a ferocious and difficult boss, with various attacks and abilities that will keep you on your feet and send chills up your spine! For now, only the first phase is finished, but more will be added soon.

(To activate the boss, right click the dormant Ice Warrior while holding Ice Warrior's Essence, or press the revive button if you're in mobile)

Phase 1
  • Ice Warrior's First Phase has 250 hearts (500 HP) and can regenerate health
  • Its normal attacks vary in damage from 15 to 22.5 hearts (30 AP - 45 AP)
  • Has multiple special abilities
Special Abilities

Sleet Sheet

  • Ice Warrior summons a series of ice spikes (deals 2-4 hearts/4-8 HP of damage and ignores armor) in either a straight line or a circular pattern
  • Ice spikes cannot be blocked, so watch out and dodge!

Call of the Conqueror

  • Ice Warrior occasionally summons 2 Ice Monstrosities to aid him in battle.

Frozen Whirlwind

  • Ice Warrior spins 3 times, dealing 10 to 13 hearts (20 AP - 26 AP) each spin and deals a lot of knockback. 
  • This attack leaves Ice Warrior stunned for a few seconds, make sure to use this time to heal or deal extra damage!
  • Is blockable

Raging Rush

  • Ice Warrior charges at the opponent and deals great damage (22.5 hearts/45 AP) and knockback
  • This ability will activate if the opponent is too far away.
  • Is blockable

Icicle Crash

  • Ice Warrior leaps and crashes down on the player, dealing damage (9 hearts/ 18 AP) and stuns the player for a few seconds
  • Is blockable
Passive Abilities

Cold Feet

  • Randomly summons ice spikes in his vicinity.

Mirror Coat

  • Hitting Ice Warrior deals knockback to the attacker

Frigid Touch

  • Direct contact with Ice Warrior causes Weakness I

Pulverizer's Panic

  • Once below 30% health, he gains a permanent 40% speed increase, and a 20% damage increase
Ice Monstrosity
  • These little fellas may look unassuming, but their strength is in numbers. 
  • Ice Monstrosities have 8 hearts of health (16 HP) and deal 4 hearts of damage (8 AP, as much as a Netherite Sword)
Blizzard Shaman
  • The buffer has been getting quite mischievous lately, he seems to have found a new love of pranks too. His magic seems to make him more deranged, but we can’t know for sure. Shamans are masters of magic, they can summon spells (or monstrosities) to cause some chaos. Despite his naughty demeanor, he clearly cares for his squadron as he often buffs them with his magic.
  • Blizzard Shamans have 20 hearts of health (40 HP)
  • Blizzard Shamans occasionally summons Ice Monstrosities, Ice Spikes and casts Ice Crystals that deal 7 hearts of damage (14 AP)
  • Blizzard Shamans buffs include: Speed I, Resistance II, Absorption IV, and Strength I
Silver Hawk
  • The Silver Hawk has always lived in the shadows of the knight due to them having the same outfit. He decided enough is enough. He got some new gear, and was determined to… live in the shadows? Now with camo gear and a new stronger crossbow, when he hits his mark, it will be devastating.
  • Silver Hawks have 30 hearts of health (60 HP) and deal 9-12 hearts of damage (18-24 AP)
Eslyvian Paladin
  • The original Eslyvian Knight is back from his vacation, and he’s changed since you’ve last seen him. He’s gotten promoted to an elite role along with Buffer and Archer. Boasting high health, and shiny new gear, he’s improved at fighting. He runs to the frontlines and takes all the hits for his team, he sure is a prime example to his underlings (which will be added soon).
  • Eslyvian Paladins have 50 hearts of health (100 HP) and deal 7-9 hearts of damage (14-18 AP)
  • Eslyvian Paladins occasionally does a Shield Bash attack that deal 5 hearts of damage (10 AP)




  • Deals 12 hearts of damage (25 AP)
  • Right-clicking activates a special move that knocks enemies back and deal some damage (9 hearts/18 AP)

Ice Warrior's Essence

  • Is required in order to activate the Ice Warrior.
  • Can be ingested, doing so will give Regen II, Strength II, Resistance III, Speed II and Fire Resistance.

The add-on is now in active development, and more content will be added soon!





Remember to turn on Holiday Creator Features in order to get the custom items!

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